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Headline for Most Unique Events and Festivals Held Around the World – Experience Universal Good Cheer
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Most Unique Events and Festivals Held Around the World – Experience Universal Good Cheer

Any ardent traveller will know that each continent and each country holds unique allures, customs and traditions; in line with this here are some of the most exclusive celebrations across the globe.


Kamakura Matsuri – Samurai Legend Comes Alive

Kamakura Matsuri – Samurai Legend Comes Alive

A commemorative festival of the Samurai society, the Kamakura Matsuri festival is held as a revival of the medieval period that is now famous in all history books. Celebrations take place at the vintage Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine in the town of Kamakura.

This is such a celebrated event that the whole town pays homage to the festivities. You will likewise be treated to gorgeous parades, bustling streets full of musical bands and special processions are known as Mikoshi which are portable shrines.

Make sure to catch the main event which is the Shizuka no mai dance held on the second Sunday at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine and on the 3rd Sunday at yabusame.

The dance takes one back in time as it showcases Princess Shizuka's dance before her enemies as a means of expressing her love for Minamoto-no-Yoshitsune; a famous warlord believed to have been from 1159 to around 1189.

The story is one of tragedy for Shizuka who was taken captive by another warlord; performed this dance in front of her enemy to prove her undying love for Yoshitsune which resulted in her being imprisoned.

During this festival you can also witness some of the famous Samurai fighting skills; the festival is held on the 2nd and 3rd Sunday of April and is one of the most famous must watch cultural festivals of the world.


Burning Man – Legendary Venue of Debauchery?

Burning Man – Legendary Venue of Debauchery?

One of the world's most outlandish events the Burning Man is held on the Playa of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada; which by the way is considered to be the 'dustiest' desert in the world.

The festival is well known for the debauchery that includes adult shows, BDSM workshops and other adult themed camps. It is however not an 'in your face' kind of experience.

Instead, the infamous festival allows one to choose the type of thrill they are comfortable with.

All said and done this is one festival that needs the first-hand experience to fully understand; so read up all you can on an Events and Festivals Blog but do plan a personal encounter for the best understanding.


Lee Peng and Loi Krathong – Stunning Festival of Lights

Lee Peng and Loi Krathong – Stunning Festival of Lights

Lee Peng Sky Lantern Festival is held in Chiang Mai North Thailand as a mark of respect to Lord Buddha. The beautiful North Thai festival is held on the same day as Loi Krathong a festival celebrated across the nation.

Loi Krathong symbolises the floating of lanterns on water while Lee Peng is a festival where floating lanterns are released up to the night sky. As both festivals coincide with each other, visitors to Chiang Mai can take part in the Lee Peng Festival and Loi Krathong the day after.

Both celebrations are enhanced with colourful parades, firework displays and examples of cultural acts as traditionalist by the Lanna people of Chiang Mai. In fact 'Yi' and 'Peng' in Lanna translates to '2nd' and 'month' respectively. Likewise, the Yi Peng Festival is held on the first full moon night of the 2nd month of the Lanna calendar which falls around November, although the date varies accordingly.

There are two main venues to watch the sky lanterns being released; one is a paid audience and the other free. The largest lantern release is behind the Mae Jo University known as Lanna Dhutanka Grounds.


Penis Festival in Kawasaki – A Must See for the Outlandish

Penis Festival in Kawasaki – A Must See for the Outlandish

Yes, you got it right this annual festival involve replicas of huge male genitals and steel phallus; oddly been taken to a Japanese shrine.

In fact, large size phalluses are paraded along the streets of Kawasaki in Japan. They do go all out to offer one a glitzy view of the male appendage by celebrating this festival of male fertility with the likes of phallus shaped lollipops and other knick knacks.

This highly popular festival was first held at the Kanayama Shrine in 1977. The origins of this event date back to the 17th century surrounding an ancient tale of a sharp toothed demon that unwittingly fell in love with a beautiful damsel. The tale and all its glory is one to delve into, but not for the faint hearted. The last festival took place on the 3rd Sunday of April in 2016.


Thaipusam – Celebrating Ancient Hindu Legend

Thaipusam – Celebrating Ancient Hindu Legend

This is a celebrated Hindu Festival that takes place around January and February, coinciding with the Tamil month of 'Thai'.

Held on every full moon of the month this event is in celebration of Parvati gifting Murugan a spear - Vel as a means of vanquishing the evil demon Soorapadman.

This festival is celebrated across the globe in regions known for its Hindu community. Countries covered include India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Thailand, Jamaica and others. The event is an ideal cultural event for experiencing traditional kavadi dances and many other parades.


Dai Handi – Human Pyramids and Fun Galore

Dai Handi – Human Pyramids and Fun Galore

This is an event that's held in India; it is in celebration that remembers the legend of Krishna who as a child god stole a pot of curd.

It's an interesting event that involves the making of a huge human pyramid in order to reach and break a clay pot of curd held at an extravagant height.

The festival is most popular in the Maharashtra state and is part of the main festival called Gokulashtami which is a celebration of Lord Krishna's birth.


Tet the Lunar New Year – Traditions come Alive

Tet the Lunar New Year – Traditions come Alive

Tet is a Vietnamese festival that welcomes in a New Year. It is the communities most important and most celebrated event.

The proper name of the festival is Tet Nguyen Dan which translates to 'Feast of the First Morning of the First Day'. The day is generally around January or February.

Coinciding with the Chinese New Year Tet may differ by a day, owing to the time difference. Celebrations usually last around 3 days and are steeped in ancient customs and traditions. Traditional food is prepared while visiting relatives, worshiping of ancestors and giving away of 'lucky' money are some of the rituals.