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Must Try Dishes in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan cuisine is unique and dynamic, containing inspirations stemming from a wealth of sources from India, China and even Europe.



This is a local bowl-shaped crepe and is a Sri Lankan breakfast staple consumed in local households and served in most luxury villas Sri Lanka, such as the Pebbles Beach Villa. Hoppers are usually crispy along the outer rim while containing a soft and doughy centre. There are many different varieties of hoppers but the two most common ones are plain hoppers and egg hoppers, where a fried egg is incorporated to the centre of the hopper with the yolk intact. Hoppers are commonly served along with a spicy mixture known as lunu miris.



A celebrated delicacy in Sri Lanka, this is a dish that was introduced to Sri Lanka by the Dutch. A standard lamprais contains rice that has been cooked in meat stock and infused with an assortment of aromatic and flavoursome spices. The rice is then served onto a banana leaf along with some meat curry, a boiled egg, an eggplant mix, a spicy shrimp paste and a Dutch frikkadel. The package is then wrapped up in a steamed banana leaf and sometimes baked for a small duration.


Curd and Treacle

A popular dessert in Sri Lanka. Interestingly, this is one indulgent sweet treat that is healthy as it is delicious. Curd is a potent source of protein, and is generally much healthier than yoghurt which is commonly found in sweetened and unhealthy variations. The treacle that the curd is paired with is a sweet syrup that is produced from a type of palm tree commonly found in Sri Lanka. Although it is delicious and similar to maple syrup, kithul treacle is quite healthy and low in calories.


Rice and Curry

This is the quintessential hallmark of Sri Lankan food and is consumed by millions on a daily basis. No two restaurants in Sri Lanka serve the same rice and curry and the components can vary from an amount of three to one or two more. Usually an average rice and curry parcel would contain two curries and a chutney or sambol served on a bed of red or white rice. One curry is commonly meat-based while the other is vegetarian. Dhal, or lentils as it is commonly known, is almost always consumed with the rice and curry. Most rice and curries are consumed with a crunchy accompaniment known as papadum.


Kotthu Roti

As far as fast food is concerned, this is the all-time reigning champion. There are many varieties of Kotthu Roti but they all follow the same formula of chopped up bits of flatbread stir-fried with vegetables and eggs. There are vegetarian varieties of Kotthu Roti as well, but the most popular version is the Chicken/Cheese Kotthu. Generally, this consists of bits of deep-fried or roast chicken shredded and tossed with the other ingredients along with a couple of cheese wedges and a small amount of milk to help bring all the ingredients together. Regardless of what your tastes or dietary requirements are, you’re bound to find a Kotthu Roti dish that is suited for you.

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