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Benefits of Ayurveda Panchakarma

The benefits of traditional eastern medicine such as Ayurveda is becoming increasingly recognised around the world, the symptoms and ailments these treatments cure may be shocking to many.


Reduces Stress

One of the reasons that many an Ayurveda hotel in Sri Lanka such as the Amba Ayurveda Boutique Hotel receives a high number of international visitors is due to these ancient techniques that treat ailments, western medicine fail to do, without the use of chemical substances. Meditation and yoga are hallmarks of Ayurvedic treatments and work very efficiently in inducing states of relaxation.


Weight Loss

Almost any Ayurvedic treatment can result in noticeable weight loss. This is because diet plays a significant role in Ayurvedic medicine, and a lot of the oils and herbal components utilised in treatments such as massages have ingredients that help the body break down and get rid of excess fat.


Cures Insomnia

People take for granted how many everyday things can induce insomnia, from drinking caffeinated beverages, to watching television, to even consuming spicy food. Using natural commodities such as jasmine and coconut oil, Ayurvedic practitioners can easily induce a sense of deep relaxation resulting in restful and rejuvenating sleep. Beverages used by Ayurvedic practitioners such as warm almond milk or chamomile tea can also result in healthy sleep.


Healthy and Glowing Skin

Ayurvedic treatments have a bounty of qualities that result in soft and radiant skin, and since it involves natural ingredients, they are incredibly affordable. Vegetables such as Daikon radish, cucumber and even lettuce are easily digested and contain a lot of minerals in addition to a high-water content. Therefore, when the diet is combined with soft exercises, the body gets rid of toxins through sweating. Ayurvedic diets also contain ingredients that are high in Omega-3s and healthy fats which result in soft and radiant skin.


Regulate Bloating

Many people experience bloating and it comes with a series of inconvenient notions and symptoms. Ayurvedic treatments utilise healthy spices and herbs such as fennel, cardamom, ginger, and cumin to tackle indigestion. They work together to aid the body in the expulsion of waste. Drinking warm water boiled with cardamom and fennel can ease abdominal cramps and work wonders in digestion.


Maintain Bodily Balance

Ayurvedic practitioners work under the belief that the body is composed of a set of systems, basically the mind and body. It involves treating both the mind and body as a whole instead of focusing on the areas of ailments. Therefore, Ayurvedic treatments not only cure ailments, but bring one’s entire body and mind to a state of wellbeing, both internally and externally.


Permanently Reduce Chances of Getting Sick

Most of the treatments regarding Ayurveda can easily be done in your spare time. Following your retreat, you will have a fairly comprehensive knowledge about essential Ayurvedic practices ranging from yoga and meditation to eating healthy. This will allow you to easily integrate these aspects into your daily routine and consistently keep your mind and body in a state of balance and harmony. As a result it will permanently strengthen your health and reduce your chances of encountering an illness.

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