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Updated by Jane Boyd on Oct 10, 2017
Headline for #My3Wishes - Help End Homelessness #140conf12
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#My3Wishes - Help End Homelessness #140conf12

@hardlynormal (Mark Horvath) asked the #140conf12 community to share their 3 wishes using the tag #my3wishes. You can be part of this effort too. Please join us by sharing your own wishes and then visit @invisiblepeople

This list is an attempt to capture some of the wishes that are coming out via twitter. Help raise awareness about homelessness. Let's all help bring an end to it.

For more info visit:

Alexis Zayfert - @AMZayfert

Find a job that makes me happy. Live life full of love. Follow my passions where they take me. #my3wishes

Amanda Scheerbaum - @AScheerbaum

#my3wishes: More laughter than tears, unconditional happiness, and a ticket to travel the world #140conf12

Ammon Morris - @likesalmon

#my3wishes peace of mind, health, love

Andrea Perez - @andreaperezm

#my3wishes are 1. To travel more 2. To have endless fun And 3. To have good health so I can enjoy 1&2. #140conf12

Anthony Massucci - @hianthony

My 3 wishes: To be an amazing father to my children, peace at home, help others beyond expectations. #My3wishes #140conf12


April Ennis ~ @AprilEnnis

April Ennis ~ @AprilEnnis
  1. Be tinkerbell for a day.
  2. Be internally happy.
  3. Being able to travel the world with my children who are affected by autism.
Artem Altman - @ArtemAltman

World: Understanding. Openness. Happiness. #my3wishes (#140conf)

calreid - @calreid

#140conf12 #my3wishes Good Health, as much love as you can get & as much fun as you can stand

Carlos J. Segura - @ZeroDullBits

What are your top 3 wishes? #my3wishes Mine: professional success. Great health. Great platonic and romantic relations.

Cheryl Lawson - @SocMediaTulsa
  1. More Love 2. Less Hate 3. Freedom #my3wishes #140conf12
DCrissyCR - @LaChicanaReyna

#my3wishes 1-no racism, 2-all had basic needs met, 3- world peace

debworks - @debworks
  1. Let everyone have a say 2. Be a space for it 3. Share love #my3wishes #140conf12
Don Cadora - @DonCadora

True equality, enlightenment for all, fun for all. #140conf12 #my3wishes

Douglas Green - @drdouggreen

#my3wishes true democracy for all countries - everyone gets the vision to do kind things when possible. - more music and art

Eric Lange - @EricLange7

#my3wishes Learning Relationships Love

♛ Farah Belliard ♛ - @farahbelliard

Wish 1. That my children grow up to be honorable men and women. #my3wishes
Wish 2. That families will be loving and supportive of one another. #my3wishes
Wish 3. That all humankind will live each day filled with gratitude and compassion. #my3wishes

fiona andrews - @fionalandrews

#my3wishes: empathy, cultural appreciation, and community

garry corbier - @GCorbier

#my3wishes no more war, no more diseases and stop world hunger

Gina Morris - @TheBellinanator

#my3wishes Dear Humans: be AWARE of your effect & potential 2) Live in the MOMENT 3) Be BOLD and follow your BLISS #140conf12

itweetrubbish - @itweetrubbish

#my3wishes Death of the personal car and individual long distance travel, Universal marriage rights, and Rain for Central Texas.

James Schmeling - @jschmeling

#my3wishes #1 Veterans to find meaning they want in the world. #2 My children to find their meaning. #3 To love/be loved by my family/wife.

Jane Boyd - @boydjane

#my3wishes 1 - End homelessness. 2 - For everyone to have someone who believes in them. 3 - Love & Compassion for all. #140conf12

Jason Ebbing - @jebbing9
  1. Healthy & Safe Kids 2. Unified America 3. Retired #my3wishes
jeannette arrowood - @nettaP

#my3wishes are 1. to host a tv show for a living. 2. to teach girls & women why they are wonderful. 3. for a life of love & laughter.

Jeff Gibbard - @jgibbard

@jgibbard: 1. A world free from violence (Unequivocal Peace) 2. Equality 3. Unity #My3wishes

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