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Best Trench HR Blog Posts of 2012

This is a list of the most relevant, thoughtful, well-written, meaningful, inspirational, and discussion-building posts published by Trench HR Bloggers in 2012. More than anything, these posts resonate. "Trench" denotes a blogger who also actively practices as an HR professional in the corporate environment (i.e. not a vendor, consultant, analyst).

By the way, blog posts from are ineligible for this list.


Come for the Job; Stay for the Preachin’! | HR Schoolhouse

Once upon a time I interviewed for an HR Director position with a 1,000+ employee organization.  I left my meeting with the VP of HR with a pamphlet in hand ...

Death Becomes HR « HR Insomniac

A few weeks ago my father, Ken Hrdlica, suddenly died.  It was awful. He was 69 and very cool.  He was well-known in the community, so much so that the local news ran on three separate broadcast...

Women and Negotiation: Do We Ask For What We Want? | Women of HR

I recently had the opportunity to attend a women’s networking event hosted by PricewaterhouseCoopers in St. Louis. Our speaker was Adrian Bracy, CEO of the Metro St. Louis YWCA.

It’s my Company Culture if I SAY it is….Right? | HR Schoolhouse

So earlier this week I ran a fascinating post history lesson about Lupercalia – an ancient Roman festival that many say was the origin of St. Valentine’s Day.  Some people ...

Beware Managers Bearing Gifts | HR Schoolhouse

I have been laid low.  Some sort of cryptosperidian-esque illness or something that has just knocked me out for several weeks.  Other than going to work and the doctor’s office, ...

HR Roundtable: Down in the Trenches – Is That Where HR Should Be?

May’s HR Roundtable in Cincinnati went on a deep dive into the HR trenches for this month’s meeting. There was a great article from XPertHR which asked if the HR Trenches were the best place to be in 2012. …

Get Your Hands Dirty !! | Everyday People

When looking at how you practice HR, are you sitting back and pointing out what needs to be done, or are you digging in?

Texas Strategic Human Resources » Tribalism and HR

Tribalism is natural. It's why I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan (Dallas girl born and bred), it's why I have to remind myself that Washington Redskins fans aren't ALL bad, and it's also why I've suffered through the NFL seasons since the late 90's. The 'Boys are my birth tribe, good, (mainly) bad, or

Micro Post from Frank Zupan

Penguin Communities are more Interesting than Talent Communities!

Cork or Screw Top: Is the HR Flavor the Same? « HR Insomniac

HR pros, are you and HR cork or HR screw top? I was watching No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain.  I am in love with him.  My husband likely knows this.  He had a great episode featuring Paris...

The Look and Feel of Employee Engagement - Leadership and HR - Lisa Rosendahl

Employee engagement is top of mind for all organizations right now.

I was preparing for my role ...

Inhale, Exhale. Repeat. | The Buzz on HR

Stress at work is real. It is also manageable. Read more ...

The Mystique of HR ?? | Everyday People

So many people aren't clear about what HR does. What can you do about it?

HR is Leader, Follower, Trainer & Student | The Buzz on HR

In this guest post, John Hudson SPHR shares his views on what HR is to him

Whitney Houston’s HR Lesson? Wellness Is Not Negotiable

Yes, I am shamelessly exploiting the death of Whitney Houston to write a blog post and using her name in the headline to snag readers.

It’s called “Secret” Service for a reason « Shauna Moerke is…

I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the little “problem” that Secret Service agents had while in Colombia. I think we can all agree there is a valuable lesson to be learned form this: Do not refuse to pay your Colombian prostitute after a night of alcohol and drug filled debauchery. That’s just rude. Especially when prostitution is legal and they can go to the cops.

Process Outsourcing 101 | upstartHR

When I sometimes used to read articles talking about outsourcing HR functions, and I was quite puzzled. I can't imagine the majority of the work I do on a

Can Executives do the REAL WORK of an organization? | from @BenjaminMcCall

Stepping on my soap box Just a question! Essentially, in many organizations, when anyone talks about talent management and emp

Welcome To The Occupation: HR Is Like A Big Cable-Knit Sweater

Paul-Do you play golf? I am a very casual player - 2-4 times per year. But those I play with get obsessed with everything from grip to shoulder position to follow through. I think HR is kinda like that. So many details to manage, to track, to learn that it is hard to do them effectively all at once. We focus on the part that the organization needs the most support in at any point in time, and we work to bring all the elements together to the best result.

Praise Runneth Over: Part Deux-Your Performance Development Plan is an "Epic Fail"- Now what?

This article addresses the warning signs that are often times overlooked as a result of poor planning and implementation of a performance development ...