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Updated by Maria White on Dec 29, 2016
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Syllabus Magazine's Most Memorable 2016 Moments

CULTURE: So It Happened. Donald Trump Became America's 45th President. Now What?

CULTURE: You cannot have a 'Most Impactful' list without including the defeat of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election! Not only did it impact the voting majority of this country in a surprising way, but it will continue to impact us for the next 4 years!

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So it happened.  No this is not a drill, no this is not a test, this is real life!  What most of us took as a joke really happened.  Donald Trump is now the President of the United States; OK, so now what?  Despite your personal feelings regarding our new Commander in Chief, the reality is NOW is the time to prepare for the unpredictable events that may come within the next four years.  As African Americans and people of color, as a segment of the population we understand that many of the Trump policies and platform may not align to the best interest of our communities.  A Trump presidency may even put a financial, educational, and cultural strain on our communities; however, none of this remains to be seen for right now.

CULTURE: #ICYMI Protesters Take Over the Streets of Charleston, S.C. Alongsideside Black Lives Matter to Demand Justi...

CULTURE: The Black Lives Matter movement has created a shift in our culture which is whey they are on this list. The power of the Black Lives Matter movement has singlehandedly taken by force the attention that needs to be brought to the world regarding the murders and killings of unarmed citizens by police. Without the voice of this movement, many of the slayings that we hear about would continue to go unnoticed.


On Wednesday, hundreds of protesters gathered in downtown Charleston, S.C. to stand for justice. Three local college students, organizer Carli Drayton, 21, of James Island, Typhani Gray, 21, of West Ashley, and Paris Simmons, 20, of Charleston led the charge, along with Muhiyyidin d’Baha and Black Lives Matter Charleston and drew out hundreds of protesters demanding justice for the black lives that have been taken at the hands of police officers all over the country.  Shout out to those three young ladies!! Check out some of the raw footage below.

CULTURE: The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Finally Makes it To Charleston, S.C.

CULTURE: The visit from Minister Farrakhan to Charleston, S.C. was an event that the region has been waiting years to make happen. Despite the many roadblocks, it took the collaboration of the Nation of Islam along with Royal, a Christian Baptist Church to make this event come to fruition. It was an important moment that happened during a critical time in our culture and it proved we are stronger when we come together.


Does Charleston even realize history was made, right here on Saturday, in North Charleston, South Carolina? The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan finally made it to Charleston, SC this past weekend and his arrival was welcomed despite the seen and unseen forces that have been trying to block him from sharing his words of wisdom.

MUSIC & CULTURE: A3C - Atlanta, GA

MUSIC & CULTURE: A3C was most definitely one of 2016's favorites as far as music. What was most impactful was listening to Master P give a lecture about business, branding and marketing. P was providing a lot of knowledge and gave each attendee more than they could have asked for as far as attending a speaking engagement. Also having keen insight from industry insiders such as Robert Glasper and Bryan-Michael Cox was epic; this was an event that all budding artists and musicians should attend!

MUSIC & CULTURE: Southern Discomfort - From An Attendee's Perspective

MUSIC & CULTURE: The Southern Discomfort forum made the Syllabus Magazine Top 5 Most Impactful Moments of 2016 simply because it was a moment that we rarely see. A room full of people, from all ages and backgrounds coming together to have an extremely uncomfortable conversation about race, music and culture in Charleston, S.C. Although the city still has a long way to go, our belief is that each person in attendance took away just a tad bit more tolerance and understanding - at least that's our hope.


To be honest, walking into the Southern Discomfort forum held at Redux in Charleston, S. C. , my cynicism was at an all-time high. “Here we go again” I thought, trying to explain to white people our angle, our thought processes, our frustrations and our feelings of living in a society, where after 400 years, still hasn’t fully accepted or embraced US as equal individuals. Though the “slave baby” image sparked the need for this forum, it was actually not as shocking to see as some may suggest. I mean the drawing of the big nosed, big head, chained at the ankle, slave baby pales in comparison to some of the memes, costume party attire, mock lynchings, frat boy party themed events, we have seen – especially since Barack Obama has become President of the U.S. Racism and its ugly head, has really turned the fuck up since POTUS and his black family hit the White House. What was more shocking seemed to be the disbelief white people were having at the fact that someone had actually drew this picture.