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Updated by Henry Nguyen on Sep 16, 2017
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Philosopher's Cut, Top 10 Unique Philosophy Forums/Groups

Philosophy groups with a twist!! So many branches of Philosophy, There is bound to be a new one to discover! From Temporal Philosophy(Time) to Buddhist Enlightenment.


Film Philosophy

Posts about Philosophy in Films, Music and Movies. Small Cozy Community. Quotes, Discussions, and Music Videos. Have a blast!

Eastern and Western Philosophy

Why not both??? Compare and Contrast, See what works for you

Ask the Right Questions

Skip to the Questions!! Why go through the paragraphs?? Short on time, This is perfect.

Terence McKenna

#TerenceMcKenna Facebook Group is a casual group interested in the more Spiritual side of Philosophy and the use of psychedelics in pursuit of it.

Time Philosophy

Do you have time for #TimePhilosophy ? This group is about how time works and affects us in a functioning sense.

Enlightenment Now

A niche field in Philosophy regarding enlightenment. The path to truth and destruction of untruth. Untruth mainly found in the Ego. Enlightenment is much more than just Philosophy.

Life has no meaning

Is there really meaning to life? Nihilism says no! What do you say?

Sociology, Psychology and Anthropology

What is society? How does it function? How did it form? What made people want to form it? What is culture?

Realism(Reality) and Contemporary Philosophy

What is reality? A stimulation? A dream, and illusion?? Is it what it appears to be? Are we our thoughts? What are we?

Music Philosophy

What do the lyrics inspire? What do they literally mean? What do they infer? Is poetry not philosophy? Then could rap be philosophy? Why think of Philosophy when one can feel it?


Tired of everyone ravaging about nonsense they read in a textbook? Try something more practical, some philosophy from Real Life for once!