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Picture Books about Change

Here is a list of children's picture books I've reviewed, or had recommended, that deal with the issue of change. Many are picture books that help kids cope with change.





"Schools and families often look for books that will help children cope with the loss of a loved one. I really appreciated Young’s gentle but non-preachy style in Thimble. The story is well-structured, satisfying and will, I think, lead to pondering and productive discussions in classrooms." Read more at The Book Chook.




Children's picture book review at The Book Chook: "I loved Cyclone so I expected Drought to be special. It is! There’s the front cover - gouged by cracked earth lines that kids can run fingertips along. Then there’s the rhyme - not the rollicking kind, but couplets that enhance the story with gentle echoes. The word pictures ..." Read more at The Book Chook.


Room on our Rock

Room on our Rock

A change from one way of thinking to another! Read my review at The Book Chook.

Children’s Book Review, Feathers

What is the children's picture book, Feathers, all about? "What a lovely concept this is for a children’s picture book! Cummings has used vivid, poetic language to show us the flight of a sandpiper to its breeding grounds. We see the sandpiper fly “through whirlwinds of tumbling leaves that fluttered like butterflies”. We watch as some of its feathers fall, and are caught by children living in very difficult environments." Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s Book Review, Stepping Stones: A Refugee Family’s Journey

What is the children's picture book, Stepping Stones: A Refugee Family's Journey, all about? "This is a dual language picture book with text in both English and Arabic. In lyrical language, it tells the story of Rama and her family who are forced to leave behind everything they know and love - to search for a new home in a place where bombs do not fall. Carrying their belongings on their backs, their journey is painful and difficult, especially for the children. Thoughts of a better life help them persevere. And then they reach their future." Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s Picture Books about Change

"Change can be difficult to cope with. Moving house is stressful for everyone, including kids. That’s why it’s great to find books that help kids process what’s going on for them, by sharing in someone else’s story.

I think kids will love the magical little Mobi who conducts Ivan on the adventure of his life. Mobi emerges from a ball of light Ivan has followed at night outside his new house, and paints his name in the air." Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s Picture Books about Change

"In The Fix-It Man, we meet a little girl who proclaims her dad as being able to fix anything - “It’s what dads do.” While the child acts as Dad’s gofer, Mum watches from her rug - “…too sore on the inside to help us…” Despite everyone’s best efforts, Mama dies. We see the little family’s grief, and wonder if they can ever mend." Read more at The Book Chook.


"In Florette, while kids will understand the angst Mae feels about leaving her old home and especially her garden, there is an emphasis on the positive. Mae copes. She tries to enjoy the same activities she loved in her old life, and doesn’t let subsequent set-backs daunt her. She finds a park and leads Mum to it. Like gardeners young and old, Mae nurtures a tiny cutting and creates a new garden."
Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s Book Review, Du Iz Tak?

What is the picture book, Du Iz Tak? by Carson Ellis, all about? Read more at The Book Chook.

Welcome, reviewed in Change: Picture Book Suggestions and Questions

"When Polar Bear and his friends are swept away from their icy home, they hope to find refuge in a new land. But when they are turned away from one new place after another, they start to doubt that they will ever find somewhere they will be made welcome."
Read more at The Book Chook.


Questions on Change

Questions on Change

Some questions to ask kids to do with change. Taken from The Book Chook.

Children’s Book Review, Cyclone

"Cyclone truly is a stunning picture book. It’s amazing that something as devastating as a cyclone can be so beautifully and clearly depicted by both writer and illustrator. French’s lyrical language brings the reality of Cyclone Tracy’s effect on Darwin to life for children. We read of wind that snarls but is pretty much ignored as the kids dream of Santa’s arrival and Christmas day. Snarls turn to groans and growls, shrieks and howls, then when their house is destroyed and the small family tries to flee, they are “Slashed and bitten by debris” while the world around them is only storm. Whatley chose a toned-down palette to reflect the old photographs he used while researching Cyclone Tracy - graphite pencil and acrylic wash set the mood perfectly for both the cyclone and its aftermath. " Read more at The Book Chook.

Review, How to Heal a Broken Wing

We can make changes that affect others. "The first page of my new favourite picture book shows enormous city buildings that dwarf scurrying ant-like people. How much smaller and insignificant then is the pigeon that thuds against the glass wall of one building, and falls to the street below? Is it any wonder the grey and unremarkable city folk ignore it? Until Will comes along in his bright red jacket and sees a bird with a broken wing, and the feather lying next to it." Read more at The Book Chook.

My Perfect Pup, in Reviews: Children’s Picture Books about Animals 2016 (3)

Sometimes situations need to change so that things work better for everyone. Read My Perfect Pup review at The Book Chook.

Children's Book Review, A Year with Marmalade

"Ella and Maddy are best friends who love spending time together. But one day everything changes when Maddy has to go away. She entrusts her cat Marmalade to Ella's care, but Marmalade and Ella are not best friends - or even friends at all - and they definitely don't like each other's company. " Read more at The Book Chook.

Bridie's Boots in Reviews: Sweet Picture Books for Kids

We grow and we change. Bridie is growing up and her beloved books don't fit anymore. Read more at The Book Chook.

Children's Book Review, Davy and the Duckling

Somethings change, but others stay with us our whole life long. Read more at The Book Chook.

Children's Book Review, The Treasure Box

Sadly, many changes are brought about because of war. Despite this, The Treasure Box ultimately is about hope. Read my review at the Book Chook.

Children’s Book Review, The Duck and the Darklings

"Grandpapa's eyes shine when he remembers the beauty of the world, long-ago. Peterboy wants to find something wonderful to bring the light to Grandpapa's eyes and keep it there. What he finds is a duck, wounded and broken, and Grandpapa mends her from top to tail; quack, waddle and wing! The Duck and the Darklings is a triumphant story, for children and adults, about the coming of hope in dark days, the warmth of friendship and the splendour of a new dawn." Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s Book Review, Paul Meets Bernadette

"Goldfish are not the most common of characters in media. How much scope is there for Paul, living as he does in a bowl? He can swim in clockwise circles, then for a change try anticlockwise circles. Basically though, like many of us perhaps, Paul must feel as if he goes round and round in circles. One day, another goldfish - Bernadette - drops in. Suddenly she prompts Paul to look beyond the bowl, and reveals a whole new and entrancing world to him" Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s Book Review, Lucas and Jack

"Royce presents us with a young character, Lucas, who like most kids thinks he has nothing in common with the older folk he sees while visiting the nursing home with Mum. Through meeting Jack, Lucas slowly realises that people like his great-grandfather - Jack who once farmed the land under the nursing home, Leo the ex-detective, and Evelyn the the ballerina who danced for the Queen - all have stories to tell. They like some of the things Jack likes too, and Jack slowly changes from a bored kid to a youngster keen to return to the nursing home next time." Read more at The Book Chook.

Children's Book Review, Feathers for Phoebe

"Clement invests Zelda and Phoebe with so much personality. Can't you just imagine Zelda's voice when she says, "Darling, darling, darling, the crest is a start but it's not enough. You need a tail!" Children will giggle over Phoebe's moves and grooves, and enjoy creating their own. Everyone who has ever contemplated a makeover will empathise with Phoebe's experiments, and rejoice when Phoebe meets another small grey bird, just like her." Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s Book Review, The Brothers Quibble

"It’s hard when you’ve been the centre of Mum and Dad’s devotion, and a new baby arrives to steal the limelight. Spalding doesn’t take it well. He declares war and terrorises everyone. Mum and Dad retaliate by putting him in Time Out. Eventually, the baby grows, begins to talk, and idolises his big brother. He even stands up to him. Spalding realises there are real benefits to having a little brother. " Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s Book Review, Sad, the Dog

"Sad things happen. They happen to those who don’t deserve them. They happen to children. They happen to pets too. But the wonderful positive message in this book, the thing we all need to remember, is that situations change. Sad, the dog, hits rock bottom the night he is abandoned by his owners. Yet little by little, Sad’s life changes until he learns he can trust again. He gets a friend, a new name, and knows in his heart that he is now: Lucky. " Read more at The Book Chook.