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Top 10 Travel Apps to Smooth Your Next Trip

A famous saying goes: the one who doesn’t travel doesn’t live. Traveling brings new emotions into our lives and helps us to discover who we are and what we need. Are you a well-versed globetrotter or are you just starting to explore new lands? Whatever your answer is, there will always be one or two new destinations and unbeaten routes waiting for your wild heart. The good news is that there are some digital tools to ease your life. The following selection of travel apps will be of great service to you.


Splittr (iOS, $1.99)

As it is clear from its name, Splittr is here to split bills among friends. It is a very intuitive platform that allows travel companions to share costs on vacations or during weekend trips. All you need to do is indicate who paid what and leave the rest for the app. It will track all of your expenses and will tell you how much who owes whom. You can even mix currencies if needed. No more tedious Excel sheets!


Citymapper (iOS and Android, Free)

There are many free mobile map resources. Citymapper is an intuitive and well-designed journey planner available in around 30 cities across the world. It will equip you with lots of information, including flight departures and disruption alerts. Also, Uber integration will smooth your trip a lot.


LiveTrekker (iOS and Android, Free)

When traveling, you discover so many new spots that you cannot possibly remember each and every one. LiveTrekker is designed to solve this problem. It creates a customized multimedia travel journal. You can look back on your trips whenever you want to. The app offers a wide array of options, such as tracking your routes, monitoring your speed and altitude, as well as building a handy interactive map of your travels. You can also post photos and videos along the way.


Technology makes traveling easier

Technology makes traveling easier

Time Out (iOS and Android, Free)

Ran out of ideas for the next trip? Time Out is a super simple platform with an extensive directory of things to do in a new city. It covers literally all spots: attractions, restaurants, bars, events, and more. Let's say your favorite band is going to perform in Atlanta just when you're there. With Time Out, you will never miss a gig! You'll be aware of all the local festivals and concerts. You can even book tickets through the app. How cool is that!


Duolingo (iOS and Android, Free)

Learning a foreign language can be both fun and easy thing to do. Duolingo is here to help you with this task. Sure, it is not like studying with a tutor, but it is a good option to get the basics and refresh your knowledge. You will start learning new words according to your current level and will be proceeding to the higher ones. Above all else, the app boasts its wonderful design.


Google Translate (iOS and Android, Free)

Google Translate is another language app. It is a very useful tool for successful day-to-day communication when being abroad. For example, if you want to buy veggies on the market or order something at a restaurant, this app will be a real lifesaver for you. It will instantly translate a necessary word, so you won’t find yourself in the awkward situation.


Wolfram Sun Exposure (iOS, £0.79)

Long-term sunbathing is dangerous to health. Wolfram Sun Exposure is a tailored health care tracker. It not only determines for how long you can stay in the sun before getting burned but also informs you of the local UV forecast. The app takes into account your skin type, the strength of your sun cream and time of the day in order to provide you with the most accurate information.


Make your life an adventure!

Make your life an adventure!

XE Currency (iOS and Android, Free)

It is easy to guess that XE Currency deals with currency conversions on the Web. It can convert literally every word currency. The digital platform also offers its users lots of useful business information like rates for precious metals. Based on the number of downloads, it is one of the most popular apps of this kind among travelers.


App in the Air (iOS and Android, Free)

App in the Air is an easy-to-use flight tracking app covering airlines and airports. It works even with no Internet coverage. The app will keep you informed of your flight status and will help you go through four stages of fight – check in, boarding, takeoff and landing time – smoothly and on time. The platform integrates with Tripit (below) so you can import your flights.


Tripit (iOS and Android, Free)

Tripit is a number one app when it comes to managing travel information. It pulls together confirmation emails for flights, cars rental, hotels, and restaurants bookings and transforms it into a single itinerary. So you won’t get lost among all this info. You need to forward emails to the app, and then you can take a rest!