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Updated by Daniel Anderson on Dec 26, 2016
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5 Things that Veterans Should Look for in the Real Estate Agent

Buying a home, or to be more precise, searching for a home in America is a tough task, to say the least. The task is somewhat more complicated for the military homebuyer. This is because the needs of a military homebuyer, especially the ones buying a home with a VA Home Loan, are unique.


Familiarity with the VA Home Loan Process

Familiarity with the VA Home Loan Process

There are certain differences between the conventional loan approval process and the VA Loan Process. Now, the real estate agent needs to understand the difference to give you more effective solutions. He/she should know how to deal with the unique challenges and ensure that you get the best deal.


Knowledge about the VA Loan Appraisal Process

The VA has a strict appraisal process in place to ensure that all the homes bought by veterans are safe, sanitary and are in ready to move-in condition. Therefore, your agent must know about the process so that he/she is able to screen the properties that fit the bill perfectly.


Convince the Seller

Some sellers are reluctant to sell to people who are looking to buy their property with a VA Loan. This is primarily because of the lack of awareness. Your real estate agent should be able to educate the seller about VA Mortgage and convince him/her to finalize the deal.


Understands the Challenges of Military Moves

If you are active duty personnel of the United States Military, then military moves can make life difficult for you. You might be given orders to march with only 6-8 weeks of notice. Your real estate agent should be able to understand the challenges and offer you effective solutions to deal with the same.


Respects Your Service

Lastly, the agent should have a respect for the service you have given to the nation. This sense of respect motivates you to serve you well and get you the best deal possible.

So, these are some of the things that you should look for while searching for the right real estate agent. You can always get in touch with a professional VA loan lenders Texas and they would help you find the best agents who would make your dream of having a home a reality.

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