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Magicrete Building Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Magicrete Building Solutions, India's leading manufacturer of AAC Bricks, AAC blocks. They offer Unmatched Benefits of Energy & Cost efficient Green building materials like lightweight concrete blocks at affordable rates. Visit the website to avail more details.

Magicrete Building Solutions-India’s leading manufacturer of Building Materials

Magicrete Building Solutions is a leading AAC Bricks & lightweight concrete blocks Manufacturer & supplier in India. Their focus is on making construction an Eco-friendly and quick process while helping building owners get a healthy abode. With their two AAC Block plants in India: one in Gujarat and another in Haryana, Magicrete Building Solutions is serving a wide range of building construction materials like AAC bricks, concrete blocks, dry mix mortar and wall panels. So, if you are planning for a construction, call them today on 0261 – 4003061.

Magicrete Building Solutions-AAC Blocks Manufacturer and Supplier

A pioneer in green building materials, Magicrete Building Solutions is India's frontline manufacturer & supplier of AAC Blocks. Their gratifying AAC Block Plants in Gujarat and Haryana, covers the strategic markets of West and North India, and hence Magicrete is a leading AAC blocks manufacturing unit in India.

Magicrete Building Solutions- AAC Block Jointing Adhesive Mortar

Magicrete Building Solutions are the outstanding manufacturer of AAC Block Jointing Adhesive Mortar. Magicrete Building Solutions provides high quality of AAC Block Jointing Mortar with high strength attributes for quick & firm laying of AAC blocks. So if you want to save your money in your construction log on to

Magicrete Building Solutions-Provides Building Block Joining Adhesives

Need a Quality construction? If yes, then Magicrete Building Solutions brings to you a wide range of Block Joining Adhesives like MagicBond Dry Mix Mortar to provide high strength attributes for quick & firm laying of AAC blocks. This Magicrete product supports better build quality, enhanced thermal and acoustic performance. MagicBond Dry Mortar is used along with Magicrete AAC blocks for optimum results.

Magicrete Building Solutions

Get Unmatched Benefits of Green Building Material by Magicrete Building Solutions. . Today almost everyone is aware about the green buildings. Magicrete’s green building materials reduces cost of construction, regulates the temperature, and provides easy maintenance. These products are equally beneficial for the environment, occupiers and the surroundings. So, if you want to get benefitted with green building material contact Magicrete Building Solutions.


What Is Precast Concrete and Its Benefits?

The use of concrete in the construction industry is quite widespread and dates back to several centuries. Concrete is used for its durability as well as aesthetic reasons. These days, many projects use precast concrete extensively.

It is a construction product that is created by casting concrete in a reusable mold, which is then cured in a controlled environment. It can be easily transported to the construction site and fixed in the place where it needs to be. Just like concrete, precast concrete also has its strengths, is durable and versatile. It is environment-friendly and also reduces the construction time to some extent. Let’s see the benefits of using it:

• Control
Control is an elusive concept in the construction industry. But when you use precast concrete, it provides you with the necessary control over your job site and schedule. Usually, it is produced off-site by pouring in pieces and cured in a controlled environment. Later, it is stored in a storage yard. When needed, it is shifted to the construction site. The labor involved is very less.
• Cost
Since it can be controlled easily, quality and durability are much better than cast-in-place concrete. It is also available readily. The labor involved is also less when compared to curing concrete on site. It acts as a structural frame as well as an architectural façade of a building, which reduces material and labor costs. Nowadays, precast toilets are also available.
• Easy installation
It is produced off-site in a covered environment. Hence, it is not dependent on the weather like any other site-cast products. Off-site manufacturing and timely delivery provide a cleaner and safer construction site.
• Quality and durability
It is always ideal as it is high quality and durable. It stays durable for several years without any wear and tear. But at the same time, it is strong and resilient just like it was on day one i.e., when cured.
• Noise Reduction
It is very dense and sturdy. Hence, it is soundproof. For this reason, it is used in commercial buildings of the metropolitan cities. It is also used in multi-family residences and student dormitories as it limits noise.
• Fireproof
It does not catch fire and prevents it from spreading. For this reason, it is considered ideal for homes and buildings.
• Aesthetics
It comes in different shapes, colors, and finishes. So, it provides you with several options to choose from. A precast toilet can also be made creatively by spending a lesser amount.

Thus, the precast concrete is ideal for any construction site.