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Updated by Penny Christensen on Jun 10, 2018
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Top Posts of 2016

Here is a heaping serving of the Top Ten posts from your HotLunchTray from 2016.

How much Online Content in Blended Learning? | Hot Lunch Tray

The good thing about Blended Learning is there are many ways to do it.
The bad thing about Blended Learning is there are many ways to do it.

Technology in the Classroom #AprilBlogaDay | Hot Lunch Tray

When, how, and why do I recommend technology in the classroom?

How is this #EdTech Supposed to Work? | Hot Lunch Tray

It is an honor when another educator honestly asks you a question, but let us attempt to uncover what those easy #edtech coaching questions might tell us.

How To: Twitter Challenge in your School/District | Hot Lunch Tray

How to organize and carry out a Twitter Challenge in your district/school. Follow these steps to hold your own Twitter Challenge.

Creating Online Content Mistakes | HotLunchTray

When making online content for either a completely online or a blended learning course there are some online content mistakes to avoid.

Show Blended Learning in a Lesson Plan | Hot Lunch Tray

How can your lesson plan make it clearer to your observing administrator the blended learning going on in your classroom?

Book Review: EdTech Leadership | Hot Lunch Tray

Being a teacher in a Technology Department puts me in a special category; I have a lot I need to learn about EdTech Leadership.

The 10 Commandments of Technology Coaching | Hot Lunch Tray

What are the basic things to do - and not do - when out there technology coaching educators?

Blending your Instruction: Make it or Break it | Hot Lunch Tray

Advice for when you start blending your instruction. Three ways to make it, not break it. #BlendedLearning

Why you haven't Resigned from Teaching | Hot Lunch Tray

The news is full of teachers leaving the profession via social media. Why haven't you resigned from teaching yet or is it the furthest thing from your mind?