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Headline for Places to Visit in Solo Indonesia – Indonesia's Incredible Central City of Solo
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Places to Visit in Solo Indonesia – Indonesia's Incredible Central City of Solo

Although commonly referred to as Solo, this magnetic metropolis's name is Surakarta, and is a dynamic city with many wonders in store for you.



Before exploring the city of Solo, you'll need to get your bearings and familiarise yourself with the urban sprawl. This rooftop bar which is located at Alila Solo, an easy to find Solo hotel, offers panoramic views of the city which is sure to help you get an idea of how and where you'd like to begin your Solo adventure.


House of Danar Hadi

The concept of batiks, which are colourful cloths made from a wax-resist dye, are an important and celebrated cultural aspect of Indonesia. One place where you can truly explore some of the most breath-taking batik-works Indonesia has to offer, is the House of Danar Hadi, a renowned manufacturer of these exquisite cloths. Within this incredible complex, you will discover a museum where you will learn about the history of the pieces featured here, pieces that number more than ten thousand, with the aid of a thoroughly knowledgeable guide. There's also a popular fusion restaurant, Soga, which contains some incredible dishes ranging from ribs stewed in coconut milk to a variety of pastas and steaks.


Pasar Gede

If you'd like to experience a true example of Indonesian culture, visit the country's most expansive general market, the Pasar Gede. Although most Indonesians visit the market for the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available here, the market contains a whole manner of produce, so you never know what you might discover in the largest such market the nation has to offer.


Istana Mangkunegaran

One of the most renowned palaces in Indonesia, the history of Istana Mangkunegaran dates back to 1757. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the palace is the colour scheme, which is dynamic and incredibly rich. The colours, however, are all based in Javanese philosophy, where yellow is meant to ward off sleepiness, blue drives away disease, black fights off hunger, green defends against desire, white chases away lust, rose deflects fear, red deters evil and purple forestalls wicked thoughts. The palace now serves as a museum and boasts a vast collection of ancient items ranging from royal dresses to exquisite jewellery.



An iconic restaurant in Solo, the building that houses this establishment used to be a historic batik factory that has now been converted into a very classy restaurant. The restaurant is very popular at night when the area is lit up with a number of candles, creating a uniquely ambient atmosphere that brings the historic building to life in a manner that complements its heritage. As an added attraction, a gamelan orchestra plays on Saturday, which combined with the candle-lit atmosphere, and the historic building is sure to be an unforgettable experience. The food at the restaurant is also quite popular, with a notable special being the Selat Solo, which is a sliced beef salad that is accompanied by a boiled egg.