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Things to do in Jakarta – Top Attractions and Experiences of Jakarta

The capital city of Indonesia; Jakarta, is a Southeast destination which offers its visitors a whole range of experiences and attractions. Of the many things to do in Jakarta, doing the following is a must;


Visit the landmarks of National importance

Jakarta is the hub of political activity in Indonesia, as well as the site of many of the nation's historic events. Thus, the city of Jakarta is home to many landmarks which are of significant national importance. The most iconic of these landmarks is, of course, the National Monument. Built in commemoration of the struggle for the independence of Indonesia, fewer landmarks inspire a sense of pride in Indonesians as the stunning National Monument. Another landmark of great importance is the National Museum. Located in Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, the breathtaking colonial-styled structure that is the National Museum houses a splendid collection of priceless artifacts and relics that tell the story of Indonesia and its people. Another place worth visiting is the National Gallery, which houses some of the most inspiring and valuable works of art originating in Indonesia. It also hosts several art shows displaying the contemporary artistic expressions of the people of Indonesia.


Visit the two structures of Religion and Spirituality; Istiqlal Mosque and Jakarta Cathedral

Located opposite each other to represent the harmonious existence of multiple religions, the Istiqlal Mosque and the Jakarta Cathedral are two of the most popular religious landmarks in Jakarta. The Istiqlal Mosque, built in 1978 and coinciding with Indonesia's independence, is regarded as the largest mosque in Southeast Asia and is one of the most awe-inspiring structures which is of national and religious importance to the people of Jakarta. The Jakarta Cathedral is well known for its flawless neo-gothic architecture and dates back to 1901. With its high towers, intricate stonework, and majestic interior design, the Jakarta Cathedral is easily one of the most iconic structures in Jakarta.


Go shopping

Over the last decade or so, Jakarta has gained a reputation for being one of Southeast Asia's most recommendable shopping destinations. The city is dotted with many malls, markets and commercial districts all of which are great to shop at. One of the great features of shopping in Jakarta is that the spectrum of shopping options ranges from high-end to low-end, meaning that you can go shopping no matter what your budget is! Some of the top shopping options include the Grand Indonesian Shopping Town, located in close proximity to the Alila Jakarta, the Pondok Indah Mall, the Pacific Place Mall, Central Park Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia, the Pasar Santa Modern Market, the Pasar Jl Surabaya Street Market, and the E-Walk Balikpapan Superblock Department Store.


Experience the Nightlife

If you are not in the mood to just stay at your hotel in Jakarta after hours, you should check out the nightlife in Jakarta. Jakarta has quite a thriving nightlife with many things to do after hours. There are many nightclubs that you can go to such as the Dragonfly, Immigrant Jakarta, Stadium, X2 Club, Blowfish, and Exodus, where you can have a drink and party the night away with world class entertainment and great tunes. If you are into something with a little less flare, check out pubs and bars such as the Safehouse, the Potato Head Garage, SKYE, 365 Bar, and the Cloud Lounge. You can even check out the nightlife at Blok M; a street with many late night restaurants and lounges. With all this nightlife its little surprise that many regard Jakarta as a city that never sleeps.


Head out on Car-Free Sunday

After a late night on Saturday, it's always great to head out on Car-Free Sunday. On Car-Free Sunday Sudirman-Thamrin street is car-free by law from 6.00m to 12.00pm. This means that you can just walk or cycle on the road without any of the hustle and bustle of traffic. It really is a great experience to explore Jakarta on Car-Free Sunday, especially if you just want a relaxed Sunday morning.

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