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Travel Tips to Know Before You Go to the Maldives

The Maldives islands are spectacular in terms of scenery and contain an abundance of wildlife, but problems can arise so be sure to remember these tips during your visit.


Extras and Taxation

Regardless of whether you're out and about in Male or staying at one of many Maldives luxury resorts such as the PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi, there will always be hidden costs. Since the Maldives are a collection of islands, food and resources have to be constantly be shipped from neighbouring countries, creating extra costs that will be integrated into the overall price. It's usually in the form of a goods and services tax that will generally be listed along with the price or mentioned somewhere in the bottom of the menu.


Check your Location

To ensure you obtain the best in terms of tranquillity and serenity during your Maldives vacation, always check on the location of your accommodation, whether it be a room or a villa. Do your best to avoid being situated somewhere close to a generator, a jet-ski area or even a bar since these locales can get quite noisy. If you like diving or snorkelling, be sure to find the best spot to make full use of your tropical retreat.


Things to do

The Maldives islands are an incredible island chain that is absolutely jam-packed with beauty such as wildlife, so be sure to have a thorough grasp of the number of things to do on the island nation so you make complete use of your vacation getaway. Most people visit the Maldives because of the beaches, and the beaches of the Maldives are definitely unlike any other on the face of the earth, but remember that there is just as much beauty to be seen beneath the waters. The Maldives are fast becoming recognised as one of the most popular diving destinations in the world as well as one of the most respected. Therefore, whether you're familiar to diving or not, be sure to take a journey under the majestic waters of the Maldives to discover a bounty of living treasures the nation is known for. Even some casual snorkelling is guaranteed to enable you to find some absolutely unforgettable sights.


Dress Appropriately

Given that the Maldives are a devoutly Muslim nation, modesty is required when it comes to attire, at least till you reach your resort. Especially in the airport and the city of Male, men and women are required to cover their shoulders, so no tank-tops or any sort of clothing that will leave the shoulder exposed is prohibited. See-through clothing will also cause serious offence so it's best to avoid it. At most resorts, however, bikinis are acceptable, but any sort of nudity or even going topless is strictly prohibited. Although bikinis are allowed at resorts, it only applies to the beaches and the guest's private areas that do not include the restaurants or lounges. Most Maldivian public beaches will require both genders to cover their shoulders and wear t-shirts, although there are designated 'bikini-beaches' where visitors can wear more liberal clothing.

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