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Best Places to Visit in Guiyang – A Delight for the Sightseer

The city of Guiyang is always a pleasant location to visit. In the environs of Guiyang, you will find a host of interesting scenic and cultural attractions that will strike the interest of the visitor.


Jiaxiu Pavilion

The well-known Jiaxiu Pavilion rests on a massive boulder on Nanming River within the southern section of Guiyang. Interestingly the name of the pavilion indicates that its builder regarded the people of the locality as the most gifted and finest people of all. You will see that this pavilion is a splendid three storey building that stands 20 m in height. Visitors will notice that this structure features a pointed apex and three upturned eaves with red lattices and carved windows. At this site visitors will have the opportunity to view an outstanding selection of works of calligraphy, stone engravings, woodworks and paintings created by talented artists. A noteworthy feature at Jiaxiu Pavilion is a long literary couplet crafted by an individual of the Imperial Academy which is regarded as being one of the longest of its kind. Jiaxiu Pavilion is sure to capture the imagination of the culture lover.


Hongfu Temple

This appealing shrine is situated within the attractive Qianling Park. In the temple compound, you will see a host of attractive features including a number of Buddha statues crafted from jade which can be seen within three sizable halls. These impressive halls display a striking and majestic style of architecture. In addition to these magnificent halls, visitors will notice various pools, galleries and springs within the temple compound which demonstrate great artistic merit. Over the past three centuries, this temple has experienced a number of refurbishments, enlargements and repairs; due to these reasons this well-preserved complex now presents a splendid sight for the visitor. It is also the biggest Buddhist shrine in the province of Guizhou and is regarded as being a significant cultural highlight. Hongfu Temple has been accessible to the general public from 1983. This temple is always an agreeable site to visit.


Qianling Park

This extensive and beautiful park is noted for its remarkable forest scenery, mountains and lakes. Within this picturesque park, you will encounter majestic ancient trees, lovely springs, interesting rock formations and lofty cliffs. With its verdant mountains, shimmering water features, serene forests and ancient temples this park is regarded as being one of the significant areas of parkland in the plateau of Guizhou. Qianling Park occupies an extent of over 1,000 acres making it an important natural sanctuary. You will find a myriad of engrossing attractions within this park, including a large Zen temple, a cave with stalactites and numerous macaque monkeys. As you enjoy the Guizhou attractions a choice of accommodation that you could consider would be the Anantara Guiyang Resort.


Qingyan Ancient Town

Qingyan Ancient Town is a remarkable historical attraction that will undoubtedly strike the interest of the culture aficionado. Constructed as long ago as 1378, the various features of this site have been crafted entirely from stone. Regarded as being amongst the most renowned historical features in the region, this town attracts its share of curious visitors. Within the imposing walls of the settlement, you will find an array of monasteries, temples, pavilions, shrines, palaces and courtyards. Visitors should make it a point to visit one of the charming local teahouses and sample the sweet local rose candy. The old town of Qingyan can be seen to depict the architectural styles of the Qing and Ming dynasties. You will see that many of the buildings within this locality have been well-preserved, remaining impressive right up to the present day.