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Xamarin vs Native - Comparison Between Two?

Xamarin is the most popular cross-platform mobile app development platform. Xamarin has following features like: Shared Code base, Uses C# across all platforms, .NET libraries. Where as in native app development is used to develop program for a particular platform or device. Check out the below links to know which is better Xamarin or native app development.

Xamarin vs Native: Which is the Right Development Platform for your Enterprise?

Cross-platform mobile development allows developers to come up with a single codebase that can be used across operating systems. iOS and Android OS are very different from coding level, so developers often face unique challenges when creating apps. A ‘one size fits all’ approach may not work here. Cross platforms, aka Hybrid platforms, mitigate this problem by allowing programmers to use just one set of code to create totally native apps.

Building iOS Apps with Xamarin and Visual Studio

When creating iOS apps, developers typically turn to the languages and IDE provided by Apple: Objective-C / Swift and Xcode. However, this isn’t the only option—you can create iOS apps using a variety of languages and frameworks.

When to use Xamarin.Forms vs Xamarin Native?

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Xamarin Connects Visual Studio to Macs To Build Native iOS Apps -- ADTmag

Xamarin Inc., now a Microsoft subsidiary based on open source software, today announced new tools to help developers connect to Macs to create native iOS apps.

Has the Native vs. HTML5 mobile debate changed?

Advances in JavaScript frameworks and mobile browsers have made HTML5 apps better, but can they be good enough?

HTML5 vs. Native: What's a Mobile Developer to Do?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg set off a firestorm when he said Facebook's biggest mistake was using HTML5 for mobile development, prompting developers to look at whether to go native or HTML5.

How does Xamarin Studio compare to native Android development?

When developing apps for Android, your first instinct may well be to open up Android Studio. Since this environment gives you all the tools, support and libr...

Xamarin Editions - Pricing and Their Features by Tech Geekk

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