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Podcasts for Children (2018)

Crowd-sourced from the NYC Radio Club listserve. This is a work in progress. Please suggest additions.

Aaron's World

Aaron's World is a fun and imaginative science podcast for kids. If you like adventures with dinosaurs, time travel, robots, and plenty of SCIENCE... then this podcast is for YOU!

Ask The Nincompoops

For the first time in human history, the tremendously clever grown-upsAndy Stanton(a bearded man behind the beloved Mr Gum books) andCarrie Quinlan(an unbearded woman who comes out of your radio) will be sharing the vast knowledge they've gained during their lifetimes with some children who, frankly, know nothing.Honestly, joking apart, these kids are almost shamefully ignorant about stuff and things and the like. I blame the parents.Armed with five questions, every episode sees two children being informed and educated by Carrie (a clever grown-up) and Andy (who is also a clever grown-up.)So if you want to know who invented cheese, why the grass is green, and whether this is the best podcast you'll ever hear (the answer to the last one is 'yes', you can have that for free), then it's time for you to....Ask The Nincompoops!This podcast is suitable for all the family! With the exception of Grandad, who will probably find it too 'new-fangled' because it's a podcast. Oh I know you've tried to explain to him that it's just 'radio on-demand', but even that seems to go over his head. He just shrugs and wanders off to the shed. Look, cut your losses and just set him up with a sherry and leave him alone. It's easier for everyone in the long run.This podcast is a member of the Great Big Owl family.

BBC Radio 4 - You're Dead To Me

The history podcast for people who don’t like history… and those who do.

Brains On

Brains On! is a science podcast for kids from MPR News and Southern California Public Radio. We're serious about being curious.

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

But Why is a show led by kids. They ask the questions and we find the answers. It’s a big interesting world out there. On But Why, we tackle topics large and small, about nature, words, even the end of the world. Know a kid with a question? Record it with a smartphone. Be sure to include your kid's first name, age, and town and send the recording to!

CBeebies Radio

Podcast downloads for CBeebies Radio

Circle Round

Created and produced by parents of young children, WBUR's adapts carefully-selected folktales from around the world into sound- and music-rich radio plays for kids ages 4 to 10. Each 10- to 20-minute episode explores important issues like kindness, persistence and generosity. And each episode ends with an activity that inspires a deeper conversation between children and grown-ups.

Everything Under The Sun

The first QI Elf ever hired, and the author of three books, Molly Oldfield tackles questions from kids such as why rainbows are as colourful as they are, why flamingos like standing on one leg and whether different kinds of whales can communicate with each other. Guest experts have included historian Dan Snow and children’s author Oliver Jeffers. The show also recently bagged a British Podcast Award.




Explore life’s trickiest questions with curious kids―and the occasional elephant!

Pinna - Audio for Kids on the App Store

Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Pinna - Audio for Kids. Download Pinna - Audio for Kids and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Shabam! by FOOLYBOO on iTunes

The science podcast that'll eat your brain. Shabam! is a new type of science show that blends fictional stories with real science. If you love science but hate those awkward scientist interviews that involve graphs and confusing metaphors, you’re in luck. First off, Shabam! is an audio program - so no graphs. And second, through the magic of sound effects and music, you’ll hear stories that reveal the awesomeness in the world around us - like cellphones and vaccinations. In season one, our main story is about three kids separated from their parents during a Zombie apocalypse. Over the course of 10 episodes we follow their quest to reunite with their families. But their experience leads us to another conclusion - that there’s a lot of science all around us that we take for granted. And finally, you may be wondering whether we’ve added silly songs and jokes to make up for the fact that we can’t show you graphs. Yes we have. Also, we only interview cool scientists who aren't awkward, which means the whole family can enjoy it! [Website]

Short and Curly by ABC First Run on iTunes

A fast-paced fun-filled ethics podcast for kids and their parents that asks those curly questions. From banning lollies to trusting robots, and from colonising other planets to eating pets, Short & Curly covers it all. [website]

Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

Indie music for indie kids

Storynory - Stories for Kids by Wizzard Media on iTunes

Storynory brings you an audio story every week. Each one is beautifully read by Natasha and friends. Let Natasha's voice beguile you with classic fairy tales, new children's stories, poems, myths, adventures and romance. [website]

Story Pirates Podcast on iTunes

Story Pirates is a group of world-class actors, comedians, improvisers and musicians who adapt stories written by kids into sketch comedy and musical theater. Story Pirates Podcast features highlights from our weekly radio show on SiriusXM's Kids Place Live. Visit for more information on Story Pirates and how you can bring our live show to your school or town!

The Creeping Hour

Beware, these scary stories will transform you!  is a horror anthology series hosted by the Creeps, three friends who listened to so many scary stories that they turned into monsters themselves.

Gather your whole family to shiver with fright as you listen to the terrifying tales of The Creeping Hour. Listen if you dare. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The Creeping Hour is a co-production of WGBH and Elie Lichtschein. It is appropriate for all ages and recommended for kids ages 8-12.

The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified

Buckle up, kids! This rocket ship's headed for... adventure! Join our hero, Eleanor Amplified, the world-famous radio reporter, as she foils dastardly plots, outwits crafty villains, and goes after The Big Story. Listen in as Eleanor's pursuit of truth takes her into orbit, out to sea, through a scary jungle, and even to the halls of Congress! Start with Episode 1 and get ready for a wild ride. From WHYY in Philadelphia.

The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

A weekly music show for the whole family....

The Show About Science by Nate on iTunes

Hi. I'm Nate and the host of The Show About Science. I started this podcast when I was 5 years old. I'm now 6 and just about to start first grade. If I'm not studying hard in school, I'm working on my podcast. This is an awesome show about science. Every episode is filled with interesting facts and information from scientists around the globe. If you only listen to one show about science, it definitely should be this one! [website]

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel by Blobfish Radio on iTunes

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel is a high-quality serial mystery story for middle graders, performed by actual kids. Think Goonies, meets Spy Kids, meets Stranger Things for 8-12 year-olds. Listen along as eleven-year-old Mars Patel and his pals JP, Toothpick, and Caddie set out on a audacious adventure in search of two missing friends. The mysterious tech billionaire Oliver Pruitt might have a thing-or-two to say about their quest, because as he likes to say, To the stars! In fact, that’s just where they might be headed... [website]

This Podcast Has Fleas

An original comedy series for kids about a dog and a cat with dueling podcasts.

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids

Exploring stories of science discovery. Tumble is a science podcast created to be enjoyed by the entire family. Hosted & produced by Lindsay Patterson (science journalist) & Marshall Escamilla (teacher).

What If World

What If World is a storytelling podcast for kids. Each week, Mr. Eric takes a 'what if?' question from a friend and spins it into a story just for you!

Wow in the World - Tinkercast

Wow in the World is a podcast and a new way for families to connect, look up and discover the wonders in the world around them. Every episode, hosts Mindy and Guy guide curious kids and their grown-ups away from their screens and on a journey. Through a combination of careful scientific research and fun, we'll go inside our brains, out into space, and deep into the coolest new stories in science and technology. Hosted by Guy Raz @guyraz and Mindy Thomas @AbsolutelyMindy.