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Which businesses are best suitable for Sole Proprietorship?

Sole proprietorship is the easiest structure to start a business. It is often chosen at the initial level to gain sustainable level. Here are a few businesses that can come under sole proprietorship.

GST Registration Procedure In India

GST online Registration enables the supplier of goods or services to avail benefits of Input Tax Credit by realising the dream of One Nation One Tax. It is applicable for businesses whose turnover exceeeds the prescribed threshold.

7 Essential Business Skills to Learn from your Father

A father instills all the entrepreneurship skills in his child. Who better than a father can raise the entrepreneur. Read here to know more about the business skills that a father teaches his child.

Online LLP Registration in India

LLP is best suited organization structure for startups as it gives the benefit of limited liability as well as partnership. Limited liability partnership registration can be done online in India within 15-20 working days.

This MSME Day Government Takes Initiatives to Benefit MSMEs

On second world MSME day, 27th June'18, the Hon’ble President of India inaugurated two major initiatives for the betterment of MSMEs in the National MSME conclave, Udyam Sangam. Read more for details.

Registration of Event Management Business as Private Company

Planning to start the event management business but confused regarding as to start a business under what company structure. Private limited company is the best suitable structure. Read here to find out how to get private limited company registration done for your business.

Trademark Law - Its Potential and Its Essential Features

Everybody wants to protect their brand to keep it unique and safe and this can be done with the help of online trademark registration. TM also serves other purposes but for TM registration there are some prerequisites. Read here to find out the details of the extent of TM and the requirements for TM registration.

GST Registration – Process, Rules, Forms and Documents Required

All you need to know about GST Registration process in India. Read about GST rules, forms, documents & procedure required for GST Registration online. Check out Step by Step guide for GST Online Registration. All you need to know about GST New Registration Procedure, Find Complete procedure for Online GST Registration in India.

Procedure to register a Trademark in India

Trademark registration can be obtained for words, logos, slogans, devices & more in India. It provides legal right of exclusivity for use to the owner of the trademark. Visit us to know more about the online registration steps & process.

Procedure to register a Trademark in India on Vimeo

Trademark Registration process in India is divided among various stages. From application to getting registration certificate, know about all the stages of TM registration here. please visit

GST Council Meet comes up with benefits for Taxpayers

In its meeting held at New Delhi, the council approves the recommendation presented over simplified return filing system and discusses couple of more considerations. Read here about the new model of return filing and other discussions.

Does company with no transaction require ITR & Annual filing?

Do you own a company that has no operations? Or it works in the loss? If you are finding an answer to what compliances your company need to fulfil, here we answer your queries.

Private limited company: Busting the myths

Confused about the type of company you should register in India? There are many aspects to be discussed regarding Pvt. Limited Company registration in India. Read the complete article here to know about Private Limited Company registration in India.

When to change the LLP Agreement: Know reasons and procedure

Change in LLP Agreement can be effected by amendment of LLP Agreement. Know grounds of change and necessary procedure to incorporate them in LLP Agreement.

Private Limited Company Registration Process

For promoting a company to its operation stage and start the business, the registration process is to be followed as provided in Companies Act. Here we have simplified the of Private Limited Company registration process in 4 easy steps. Read to learn about company registration in India.. please visit

For expert help on Private Limited Company Registration, please visit

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Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) extends DIR-3 KYC Filing deadline at reduced fee of Rs 500

MCA started deactivating DINs as a consequence of non-compliance, after 15th September 2018. However, considering the larger share that remains out of compliance and difficulties faced in filing, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has, in its latest notification dated 20th September 2018, agreed to accept filing at reduced fees of Rs 500. Any person holding a valid DIN is mandated to comply with the KYC Requirement.

Trademark Law - Its Potential and Essential Features

The key aspects of the trademark law help you understanding the scope and potential of trademark registration in India. Learn this before finalising your brand name . can help you to register your brand name in India at an affordable cost. If you are seeking assistance from experts to register your mark, feel free to get in touch with our expert, please visit

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Pre incorporation Contract: Its Validity and Enforceability

The prime characteristic of the company structure is separate legal identity, which allows it to enter into contract with parties and own assets in its own name.

Know what you need to take your business global

Taking ones business international opens the doors to many opportunities but also takes efforts from the business owners which cover the market research to legal registrations. Many businesses decide to first enter in global market by exports from own country.

Advantages of Registering Trademarks

Popularly known word “Brand Name” is referred as “Trademark” in legal terms. A Trademark means any symbol, word, name, device, numerals or combination of both, which can be represented graphically can be registered as trademark. A trademark is unique symbol which distinguishes your goods or services from others. The trademark which is registered for services are known as the service marks.

MCA proposes Reengineering of Name and DIN allotment process

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has now raised its participation to facilitate the changes in incorporation procedures of the Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships. The changes are more focused on making the processes convenient to stakeholders. Recently MCA has updated stakeholders regarding few proposed changes with regards to incorporation procedure and allied matters.

Unconventional Marks : Not Just Your Ordinary Trademark!

The uprising of the global economic wave all over the world has compelled countries to adopt liberal approaches in their trade policies creating an amicable atmosphere for foreign traders to set up business in local markets. Because of change in trade policies many changes and legal concerns surfaced, especially in the intellectual property law front.Along with the quality, the way the product is presented among the consumers plays a major role in brand creation.

How to obtain Branch Registration under GST

Business is where you want to continuously expand your boundaries. The expansion can be in same business vertical or a different one. Expansion of business and taxes comes hand to hand. In these cases, you might have to get GST registration again. Here, we are addressing the frequently asked question “Do I need a separate GST registration for branch?”

5 Things that no one told you about startups

The hustling energy to create an impact in the universe is something that every entrepreneur carries while starting up. It is highly possible to lose focus and get your mind confused with a lot of things that a startup journey has to offer. The first-time entrepreneurs should consider these 5 important things before starting up but regardless of experience, there are a few things that no one talks about startup.

Primary factors to keep in mind before opting for Voluntary GST registration

Goods and services tax is a single, consumption-based tax applicable on sale, manufacturing, and trade of goods and services. A business exceeding the turnover of Rs 20 lakh in a financial year (Rs 10 lakh for North Eastern and hill states) is eligible to get GST registration.