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23 ways to save the world with beeswax - Nature Holds the Key

Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honey bees. It has a multitude of surprising uses making it indispensable for every home.

9 ways to prepare your garden for climate change - Nature Holds the Key

Prepare your garden for climate change to withstand more extreme weather, shifting weather patterns and unpredictable seasons.

20 ways to cut down on plastic - Nature Holds the Key

We need to cut down on plastic to reduce what we send to landfill, rivers and the ocean. These tips are for the little things that mount up.

16 tips to upcycle furniture for a new lease of life - Nature Holds the Key

Upcycle furniture and reduce waste going to landfill. Upcycling not only extends the life of a product but makes it unique.

12 ways to reduce toxins at home - Nature Holds the Key

It’s not easy to reduce toxins at home but we spend most of our time there so attack the problem on all fronts and the little changes add up.

9 ways to kill or care for your houseplants - Nature Holds the Key

Do you want to care for your houseplants or kill them? Look at what you could do to finish them off and you’ll see how to keep them alive.

12 convincing benefits of a vertical garden - Nature Holds the Key

Maximising space is only one of the benefits of a vertical garden. Planting upwards opens up design possibilities and it's ecofriendly too.

20 natural ways to make your home smell fresh - Nature Holds the Key

Households generate bad smells, synthetic scents just make it worse and pollute your home. Time to go natural to make your home smell fresh.

5 herbs to grow a herbal tea garden - Nature Holds the Key

Herbal tea is one of the most rewarding things you can make in a garden. Here are 5 of the essential herbs you need to grow your own tea.

5 ways to create a bee-friendly garden - Nature Holds the Key

A bee-friendly garden is good for the plants we grow and helps redress the damage we do to these essential workers.

6 recipes for natural cleaners that work - Nature Holds the Key

Natural cleaners get the job done without harming you or the environment. They’re just as strong as brands that end with the letter ‘X.

8 important secrets for growing herbs - Nature Holds the Key

Growing herbs connects you with nature, they transform your cooking and you can use them in so many ways all round the home.

9 ideas for beautiful natural wallart - Nature Holds the Key

Good natural wallart is made from nature and represents it too. Use it to reflect your style, make a room inviting and open up conversation.

15 ways to keep warm this winter - Nature Holds the Key

It's vital to keep warm in winter. Here are 15 easy tips to keep warm without wasting fuel. Some for now and some to help you prepare.

15 tips for a zero-waste kitchen - Nature Holds the Key

A zero-waste kitchen is at the heart of minimising your impact on the planet. You have to tackle everything from appliances to cling film.

9 natural ways to get rid of wasps - Nature Holds the Key

There are natural and simple steps to get rid of wasps without harming the environment. Try these now and prepare yourself for next year too.

5 places to use natural fibres in your home - Nature Holds the Key

Natural fibres bring nature into your home. They can work as a statement in so many places and can blend into the background.

8 perfect examples of a wooden mousepad - Nature Holds the Key

A wooden mousepad adds nature where you least expect it – the sterile world of the computer. Real examples, the opposite of 'faux' :)

Upcycled apple crates

Upcycled apple crates provide vintage magic. They add simple charm to their new role, plus you're keeping waste out of landfill too.

Christmas gifts for gardeners - Nature Holds the Key

Christmas gifts for gardeners range from practical stocking fillers to extra special luxuries. These ideas are as good as Spring!

Last minute autumn garden jobs (infographic) - Nature Holds the Key

It's easy to leave Autumn garden jobs to the last minute. Focus on the essentials to clear away the summer and get ready for the Spring.

Door mats: say Welcome to a natural coir doormat - Nature Holds the Key

A coir doormat lets your guests know they’re stepping into a natural home. Ecofriendly designs created by The Rug House and 15% discount code.

Maximise yields in an edible balcony garden - Nature Holds the Key

How to get more space and grow more plants on a balcony garden. Plan to maximise yields with more food in less space and still have flowers.

Garden Tags – a new free gardening app - Nature Holds the Key

Garden Tags is a new social-networking app for gardeners. It's a community for expert advice and inspiration and sharing your own garden.

26 ways to attract birds to your garden - Nature Holds the Key

Attract birds to your garden with food, water and shelter for the life they add, and don't forget how good they are at controlling pests.