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Updated by Darshan Joshi on Dec 17, 2016
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web and app development

If you are technology lover, the web or mobile application enthusiast, you will love my list. I will try my best to cover major web and app related ideas, information, and articles. By the way, I am Darshan, founder, and director of AlphansoTech. I love web design, web app, and mobile app development. I also have a deep interest in user experience design and conversion optimization.

How to create wordpress website from scratch in 8 steps without coding

Looking for a professional website creation? Consider WordPress CMS framework to build your website. It is powering 17 million websites and dominates the CMS market with 58% market share!
This article will help you create a fee WordPress website with eight easy steps. No coding of web development experience required. Just follow the steps and get a professional website!

What is Bootstrap? How to create responsive website using Bootstrap?

Have you heard about the responsive website trend? Do you want to learn responsive web design?
Bootstrap is the UI framework that will help you make responsive web design. How would you use Bootstrap? Well, this article will help you learn Bootstrap framework along with responsive template development example!
Want to learn today? Start reading now!

Web Application Development: Top 5 Things to Consider

Web applications are powerful and so does it's growth! Web applications have replaced majority of the desktop applications lately. Do you want to develop a web application for your organization?
There are plenty of factors to consider before creating a web application. This well written article will help you understand the most fundamental and important aspects of web application development.

How to setup free automated backup for your WordPress website

Ever come across a situation where you made some accidental change to your WordPress website and it just crashed? Have your website every got hacked or got under malware attacks? In all these cases a complete website backup can be a life saver!
Based on my experience majority of the website owners don't take website backup because they find it a repetitive and frustrating task. How if we can make backup an automated scheduled task? You need nothing to do after you invest a single time effort?
This actionable article will help you setup an automated WordPress website backup quickly and easily.

Configuring Yoast SEO the Right Way: First Steps - Pressable WordPress Hosting

We tend to fear a lot when it comes to SEO. How about easing your fear and get friendly with it? If you have a WordPress based website then this article is for you!
If you are any familiar with WordPress plugins, you must have heard of Yoast SEO plugin. This indeed is the SEO plugin but you need to configure it properly in order to take full advantage of it. This article has the best tips with visual representation of each action on how to configure it properly. Install this plugin, configure it using this article and follow the plugin instructions, your website will be one the right SEO track for sure.

Ideal PHP Web Development Environment for Beginners

Do you know PHP powers almost 80% of total website on the internet? PHP is the go the programming language for any beginner. It has a smaller learning curve with great amount of features and large number of powerful MVC frameworks. Majority of the popular CMS frameworks like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are built using PHP. Most popular eCommerce scripts like the Magento, opencart and WooCommerce are built on top of PHP! If you ever want to learn a programming language start with PHP. If you already started working on it or you are a beginner level programmer, here are the list of things you can do to optimize your development environment.

what is web application development? why you need it?

Web applications have gained tremendous popularity lately. It has replaced large number of legacy desktop application in recent time. What makes web application so special and popular?
This article will answer all your quires related to Web application and help you decide whether you need web app for your business or not. Some of the Web Application's features like easy deployment, maintenance, portability, updates, and cost of overall development makes it businesses first choice. Being a leading web application development company here is my take on web applications and their advantages.


Optimize your WordPress website in four easy ways!

Optimize your WordPress website in four easy ways!

WordPress websites gets bulky and slow over a brief period of run! There are defiantly some ways to make your website more responsive, fast and smooth performing. I have created this info-graphic based on my years of personal experience with WordPress framework and WordPress websites.
Keeping track of plugins, themes, updating the framework, plugins, and themes will help you optimize your WordPress website.