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Why we need Libraries and Teacher Librarians

Here is a list of articles and links to research about why we need libraries and teacher librarians in schools. The list is now over 25 items long, so be sure to find small arrow bottom right to see the next page. Thanks so much to all who are contributing to this hugely important subject.

Making the library the true heart of the school - SCIS

Caroline Roche, founder of the Heart of the School website, writes about the need to advocate for and share stories from school libraries — and what makes them the heart of the school.

10 Reasons Librarians Are More Important Than Ever | Common Sense Education

Celebrate National Library Week and read how these passionate and savvy educators are supporting schools and students every day.

The Book Chook: School Libraries Matter

How important are school libraries? Contribute to the 2018 campaign in support of school libraries and teacher librarians by sharing stories about them. Read more at The Book Chook.

5 Ways to Advocate for Your School Library This Year | Knowledge Quest

How often do you think about how to advocate for your school library? Advocating for your school library program can be easy and fun with these 5 tips.

Why do teachers need school librarians? 5 questions to ask yourself.

Great article encouraging teachers to consider what a school librarian can do for them.

Changing the Conversation About Librarians | Mark Ray | TEDxElCajonSalon

Mark Ray is changing the conversation from "shh..." to "How can I help your with technology?" Mark has helped to overhaul libraries in Vancouver Public Schoo...

Principals Know: School Librarians are the Heart of the School

Principals Know: School Librarians are the Heart of the School was crowdsourced by Dr. Judi Moreillon and Dr. Teresa Starrett using funds provided by the Tex...

School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of the School Librarian

Support over 50,000 school librarians making a difference every day in our schools. Join the conversation. #SchoolLibrariesMatter

Research supporting the effectiveness of school libraries

We need thriving school libraries and qualified teacher librarians because our kids deserve the best!

Issue 103

Article from SCIS Connections: "One of the challenges faced by teacher librarians is that it isn’t always easy for the rest of the school to understand why we are important. In my experience, comments like ‘Surely everything’s online these days?’ and ‘What?! You went to university to get a library qualification? Isn’t it just about covering books and putting them back on the shelves?’ are not uncommon."

Lessons from the longest study on human development

For the past 70 years, scientists in Britain have been studying thousands of children through their lives to find out why some end up happy and healthy while others struggle. It's the longest-running study of human development in the world, and it's produced some of the best-studied people on the planet while changing the way we live, learn and parent. Reviewing this remarkable research, science journalist Helen Pearson shares some important findings and simple truths about life and good parenting.

Parent Advocate Toolkit

In today’s changing economy the need for creative thinking, problem-solving, and information literacy skills is growing. How you can help your child succeed in this changing global economy where many of us are deeply concerned that the United States is not preparing our young people with the skills they need to compete? The development of social technology tools has created an interconnected global society where learning, social, and work environments have moved across physical boundaries.A full-time certified school librarian is uniquely trained in helping students, teachers, and other school and community leaders develop the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes that are crucial to their success in the 21st century. Learn how to advocate for these teachers on behalf of your child.

7 skills you should be looking for in your school librarian #SLAYLG17

What should schools be looking for in a school librarian?

Reading the reader: A survey of Australian reading habits

Reading the reader: A survey of Australian reading habits provides insights into contemporary preferences, behaviours and attitudes of Australians towards books and reading. The Australia Council has partnered with Macquarie University on this third and final stage of their three-year research project titled ‘The Australian Book Industry: Authors, Publishers and Readers in a Time of Change’.

‘Always a place for pen and paper’

The health of our civilisation, the depth of our awareness about the underpinnings of our culture and our concern for the future can be all be tested by how well we support our libraries.

The Transforming Role of Librarians (and Libraries)

Personalized professional development in schools has been a rising trend for years, but what many schools don’t realize is that their greatest asset for professional development is already in their building. The librarian, to be exact. Librarians and media specialists are some of the most highly trained, highly versatile staff a school has at their disposal. The library is not just “the room where the books are,” but the entry point for new, innovative technologies, as well as the hub from which those new technologies are introduced to the entire school.

Educational : Infographic - School Libraries & Student Achiev... - | Your Number One Source For daily j...

Educational infographic & Data Infographic - School Libraries & Student Achievement

We NEED school libraries and teacher librarians!

Excellent article and infographic! "The role that a school library and a qualified teacher librarian may play in the literacy lives of children makes their full time presence in every school, primary and secondary, a no brainer for me."

10 Reasons Librarians Are More Important Than Ever

Celebrate National Library Week and read how these passionate and savvy educators are supporting schools and students every day.

The importance of school libraries in the Google Age

Great article from Kay Oddone that was originally published in the Term 3, 2016 edition of SCIS’s Connections journal. Parts of this article have been adapted. "The connected teacher librarian is an indispensable part of every school in this information age. How can a school exist without one?"

The Librarian as an Instructional Partner – Inspired Ideas

In this post, I would like to speak to both the classroom teacher and the teacher librarian — giving both groups some ideas for how to form rockstar collaborative relationships that will have a huge impact on student learning.

We Need Librarians More Than Ever Before

In a world of constant noise and shallow distraction, libraries are a refuge where children grow in wisdom. Librarians inspire creativity, critical thinking, empathy, and systems thinking. In other words, they help our children become the kind of people we want them to be. ~John Spencer

Australian Kids & Family Reading Report™

This premiere landmark study shines a light on the independent reading behaviours and attitudes of Australian children aged 6–17 years, and their parents, plus parents of children 0–5 years.

Chapter 1: School Library Impact Studies 101: An Overview of the Research

This is "Chapter 1: School Library Impact Studies 101: An Overview of the Research" by LRS on Vimeo. If you look to the right, you will see the other video chapters in this Library Research Service series.