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It takes a team of specialists and a headstrong vision to define us. Our journey from the ordinary into extraordinary began in the year 2010 when Blue Mail Media had started as a vendor offering business data. It was not just the efforts that earned us the recognition that we are today; it was also the ability to overthrow twisted challenges faced by our clients.

Why CMOs and CIOs Need To Join Hands in 2017?

The Chief Marketing Officer is someone whose prime role is to plan and implement the marketing strategies of an organization and create the right gravitational pull towards a brand. But today, as no marketing strategy could be complete without an IT strategy, the role of CMO needs to be redefined. 

4 Types of B2B Videos Your Customers Love To Watch

Video is the megatrend of the era. And if you have videos on your B2B marketing roadmap for this year, take a pause and think before executing it. One-size never fits all and let’s accept that video marketing is not an exception here. Different kinds of videos work differently to your customers.

Marketers, Spend Your Remaining 2016 Budgets Before It’s Too Late

Use it, or lose it! That’s the basic doctrine when you are left with unspent marketing budgets at the end of the year. As a marketer, it would not be feasible for you to keep it unspent, as you may see shrinkage in the marketing budget allotted to you in the years to come, which is not a good sign.

Customer Profiling - A canny way to reach your customers

Customer profiling helps you understand what is important to your customers at the same time contributes to knowing their buying behavior, interests, and attitudes. Customer profiling, together with marketing analytics, equips critical customer insight that helps sales and marketing professionals assign sales and marketing dollars to boost ROI.

Is Data Driven Marketing The Next Big Wave?

The key to burst the confusion bubble is to enable data-driven marketing. Whether it is the next big wave in the world of marketing is something that only time will tell. What we certainly know for now is that it currently is one of the most practical ways of serving customers to the best

How To Test Your Email Before You Kick-Start Your Email Marketing Campaign

You cannot be sure what may work for you when it comes to email marketing. But you can surely conduct various tests to measure the effectiveness of your emails. Testing the email enables you to analyze how your email performs when its different elements are altered and sent to target customers at different times.

5 Essential Digital Marketing Tips For Your Christmas Campaigns

Christmas is just around the corner and if you haven’t planned your marketing campaigns for the festival yet, it’s high time you do a quick planning and put your digital marketing strategy in place.Here are a few digital marketing tips that you may try to shore up your online business in Christmas this year.

A Sneak Peek into What Works Best in the Digital Marketing World: Useful Insights

Find out trending marketing terms in the United Stated by interest over time, Interest by subregion, and the latest marketing trends.

8 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch In 2017

Whoa!! What a year 2016 was for digital marketing trends enthusiasts like you and us. We saw a mobile gaming app ‘Pokemon Go’ garnering over 720,000 downloads and 650 million installs within 80 days of launch. We also witnessed highly talked about trends such as Augmented reality, Internet of Things, Live Video Streaming, 360° video and more becoming a part of everyday life.

Blue Mail Media Launches SIC Code and NAICS Code Lookup Tool

Blue Mail Media, a leading marketing data provider launched its SIC Code and NAICS Code Lookup Tool on Monday. The tool has been designed to assist business establishments, marketers, private research firms and statistical organizations in finding the SIC and NAICS codes of their industry of interest. 

Want to know what Digital Trends will dominate the year 2017? Download pdf to read in detail.

Whoa!! What a year 2016 was for digital marketing trends enthusiasts like you and us. We saw a mobile gaming app ‘Pokemon Go’ garnering over 720,000 downloads and 650 million installs within 80 days of launch. We also witnessed highly talked about trends such as Augmented reality, Internet of Things, Live Video Streaming, 360° video and more becoming a part of everyday life.

15 Quotes to Inspire Your Sales and Lead Generation Drive in 2017

Sales and lead generation is the process that consumes immense amount of energy and need paramount patience. The hardworking professionals involved in sales have to face rejections, disappointments, criticisms, challenging questions and an enormous pressure of meeting their sales targets. 

Increasing Telemarketing Frauds in the U.S Could Hurt Law Abiding Telemarketers

There is no denying that telemarketing has been one of the highly used marketing channels by most marketers across the world. However, the legal boundaries around the industry have been tightening as greedy and Increasing Telemarketing Frauds in the U.S are bypassing the law to make quick gains.

Benefits of having QuickBooks Users Email List for your business

If you are a marketer, solutions/ services provider who is looking for qualitative marketing data to connect with QuickBooks Users worldwide, Blue Mail Media’s QuickBooks Users List can help you meet the purpose. 

Knowing These Secrets Will Make Your Salesforce Users List Look Amazing

List of Salesforce Users is designed to give your multi-channel marketing campaigns a much-needed boost. Blue Mail Media’s Salesforce Users Email list enables you to establish seamless communication with your target customers and drive conversions.

The Relevance of SIC and NAICS Codes: The Past, Present, and Future

SIC is a numerical system to classify business organizations in accordance with the type of industry they operate in. NAICS code lookup tool is the newest system that aids businesses and governments to classify, compare, and assess economic activities in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Technology Users Mailing List

The consumption of IT is constantly rising across the world, creating millions of opportunities for software, solutions and services providers.  Blue Mail Media can partner with you and help you with highly reliable and accurate database on technology users mailing list worldwide.

SugarCRM Users List

Blue Mail Media’s SugarCRM Users List can expand your marketing reach in significant ways. Our Database is designed to boost your multi-channel marketing efforts up by powering you with highly reliable SugarCRM users Mailing Database accumulated from around the globe.

Electronics Industry Mailing List

If you are a marketer looking for qualitative marketing database to connect with stakeholders and decision makers in the electronics industry, Blue Mail Media’s Electronics Industry Email Database can solve the purpose.

10 Do’s and Don’ts of B2B Social Media Marketing

With numerous options available for social media promotions, designing the best social media marketing mix would require you to identify the best practices on the Internet and determine what ingredients could lead your social media marketing strategy to success.

6 Marketing Lessons to Learn From Super Bowl LI

Tom Brady and the Patriots pulled off the greatest comeback in the history of Super Bowl last Sunday. However, if we look at it from the marketing and advertising point of view, besides the Patriots, who else was the winner?

6 Marketing Lessons to Learn From Super Bowl LI

Choosing the combination of B2B Marketing channels, planning how you would use the same to drive information, communication and revenue would require you to take into consideration several factors. It is not necessary that the one you have chosen will get you the desired results.

What Is ABM and How Can Marketers Benefit from It?

Account Based Marketing is a strategic marketing approach in which an organization treats each individual prospect as a separate account. ABM focuses more on companies rather than individuals, and treats each organization like its very own market. Also known as Key Account Marketing, ABM allows marketers to invest their resources on a clearly defined group of target accounts and design personalized campaigns that address concerns of each account.

Transportation Industry Mailing List

Blue Mail Media’s Transportation Industry Email Database can be a highly rewarding strategic resource.contains latest email ID’s and other contact details including first name, last name, phone no., fax no. etc to enhancing your multi-channel marketing campaigns. Our Transportation Industry Mailing List are result oriented and helps to increase the conversion rate. Contact us now at 1-888-494-0588 for more details or visit our website.

Construction Industry Email List

Going by the trends, there are umpteen opportunities for marketers who cater to the construction industry worldwide. To help them with a strong data repository, Blue Mail Media provides one of the most authentic, accurate and reliable List of Construction Industry Executives/decision makers.
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