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Updated by Mark A Grabowski on May 19, 2013
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Top 10 States That Love Wicker!

These are the top states in the country where you will most likely be sitting on wicker, looking at wicker, and decorating with wicker.



The Golden Girls, Beach, Sun, Tropical Plants, Tans... yeah they love their wicker. All kinds of wicker too!




Yes they do love everything big! Especially their wicker. Believe me, you will be treated to some of the most beautiful patio\'s I have seen in the country. Great culture, family and deep seated outdoor wicker creates a perfect living space in Texas!


Hollywood has engrained the image of relaxing on wicker chaises lounges by the pool in the sun, enjoy the day drinking a cocktail. Add in the majority of the year it is beautiful weather outside and it is no wonder why California loves it\'s wicker!

North Carolina

The furniture capital of the world loves wicker furniture!


If you go in any store that sells traditional wicker, you will find sets named Cape Cod, Nantucket, or Cambridge. All are areas in Massachusetts. They love their classic white wicker!


This state loves wicker so much, it holds the biggest furniture market in Chicago every year. Many affluent areas, rich in style, wicker is hot in Illinois!

New Jersey

Beach homes, rentals, boardwalks, parks. New Jersey is a perfect spot for wicker in the summer. Limited weather season equals spiked demand for this furniture to enjoy by the beach. Oh yeah and MTV\'s Jersey Shore has wicker sprinkled in almost every episode. Now that\'s a Situation!


Yeah, they mentioned the American Dream: white picket house, 2.5 kids. They did not mention their love for that special weave. Wicker is usually found both indoors and outdoors in Connecticut. Rich history with or just a passion for wicker? Either way I like their thinking!

New York

Now the Hamptons and Long Island are very obvious areas where wicker is enjoyed in New York. Did you also know this is where most wicker enters into this country?




Southern Charm is 1 part wicker. Take a look at featured homes in Southern Living, Home & Garden, & online sites like . Many are featured areas in Georgia, with wicker rockers on the front porch, showcased sunroom sets in brown wicker.

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Wicker is a catch all term for anything that is woven with the final result often wicker furniture.