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Manage Your Staff Smartly with Proximity Card Systems

The Proximity Card Systems work on the unique encoded numbers for identification of individuals as when the card is held near an electronic reader for a moment, the reader generally produces a beep sound as it reads the card or the code.


Mag Lock– A Failsafe Security Solution for your Establishment!

Since buying and installing a 1200 LB mag lock is an investment, you are advised to make a purchase of such devices from a trusted buying store only.

The Craze & Trend of Modern Security Systems: 1200 Lb Magnetic Lock Kits

At we sell Indoor Magnetic Locks, Outdoor Magnetic Locks, Single & Double Door Magnetic Locks, Gate Magnetic Locks, Electric Door Holders, Electric Strikes, Electric Deadbolts and Access Control Products. Blog

Murphy’s Door Wiring Instructions for Maglock Kit. You might have already surmised that maglock is an electromagnetic locking device that works to perfectly protect your premises but here the question arises what technology is used behind this incredible device that gives this much strong protection.


Magnetic Locks Used For Safety Of Your Home And Office Premises

Magnetic Locks Used For Safety Of Your Home And Office Premises

A magnetic lock is a safety device for your home and office premises. It safeguards your property from any type of intrusion or unauthorized entry.

Mini Magnetic Locks – The Best Thing for Cabinet Security

The Mini mag locks for cabinet are the best option for small doors cabinets. A basic access system or a security system features a keypad or swipe card. Higher security applications may require multiple means of authentication and includes redundancy. There are also other Mini Magnetic locks for small cabinets that can be bought easily online.

What Are The Key Features Of The Latest Security Systems?

Do you really think your assists are safe depending on the protective shield of a key lock? Have you ever been in a situation where someone has broken into your business premises? Well, if yes then you should consider having advanced and integrated security systems such as liner telephone entry system with access control

Instructions on how to wire an access control kit

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We are a Florida based manufacturer / distributor / exporter of quality magnetic locks and other locking devices (since 2002). We stock a full line of electromagnetic locks for all types of doors, vehicular gates and pedestrian gates. Our models are designed to secure any type of door or gate that closes against a fixed stop.

Always Feel Protected with Advanced Telephone Entry Systems

These telephone entry systems with camera come as well for a full proof protection. They require the telephone entry access. The visitor will have to communicate with you directly before entering your premises.

A Very Beneficial Points to be Considered While Choosing the Security System for Your Home

Security is a major concern for the property owners nowadays and purchasing and installing the right door entry systems is the reliable way to avoid any misfortunes. So, when it comes to purchasing what you require, it's the best way to do some research.

Best Linear Telephone Entry System with Access Control

Most door entry systems work with a telephone-like service which allows residents to speak to visitors before they are allowed into the building. Door entry systems are a great way to secure a property from unwanted visitors.

Single and Double Door Mag Locks Kit- Magneticlocks

Since buying and installing a 1200 LB mag lock is an investment, you are advised to make a purchase of such devices from a trusted buying store only.

What Advantage Does Biometric Access Control Offers Over Usual Pen-And-Notebook Access System?

Biometric data, can't be lost, duplicated or passed along to an individual abominably or unintentionally. Thus this sort of waterproof Fingerprint Readers for Access Control is considerably more secure than one that depends upon physical keys.

Why We Use Fingerprint Readers For Access Control?

It is conceivable to manufacture another person's unique finger impression. Truth be told, this has as of now been done in formal research, as announced by the IEEE, by programmers and even on famous science network shows.

How to operate Maglock on your door!

Though Magnetic lock is easy to install, but you should take professional help to get it installed for preventing flaws in the installation.

Understanding the overall function of electric door openers

Electric door openers are the gates which can be opened automatically. These gates are extremely helpful in rainy seasons as it prevents you from coming out of car and open and close the gate.

You can easily install Electric gate openers by following the instructions given in manual that comes with them. There are following types of electric gate openers.

Magnetic Locks – An Incredible Innovation of Technologies in this Dark Age!

Magnetic locks are the best way to keep you, your loved ones and valuables safe round the clock in this Dark Age!

Advantages of Using Magnetic Locking System for Security

As no key is needed to operate these locks, you will never have to be trapped in a situation where you have lost your keys.

Why Switch to Electric Strike Locks?

Now days, it is essential to upgrade your security level by using Electric Strike Door Lock Kits. For this, you need to replace your old locks as it is hard to completely rely on them.

Use Electric Strike Door Lock Kits to ensure security and safety!

Contact Magnetic Locks for your demands of electric strike locking systems. The company will support you in availing high quality electric based locking systems.

Understand the Way to Operate Maglock on Your Door!

It is very safe to install and use. After the Maglock installation, you need not worry about safety and the buzzing sound.

Shape Your Dream Home with Your Effort but Secure it with Maglock!

Magnetic locks are the highly security devices use to provide security to your house as well as office. We should used Maglock power supply to supply power to these security devices.

Best Place to Buy Power Supply for Magnetic Locks Security Devices!

Maglock power supply is the best power source for you security devices. These devices provide consistent power to the magnetic locks without fluctuation.

Magnetic Gate Locks and its Power Supply for Door Security!

In the current hi-tech world, the use of maglocks can be widely seen in the different sectors with the core purpose of providing protection. We also use a proper Maglock power supply for these type of security devices.