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GeoScan: Utility and Structural Investigation

GeoScan is a Victorian based company that provides a range of services. We offer a professional, totally protected underground utility service in Melbourne area.


How A GPR Technician Can Help You To Find Buried Cable From Your Property?

GPR (Ground penetrating radar) technology is used to scan underground utilities such as sewerage pipes or any other buried objects.

This technology is very useful as we can scan and can find exact positioning of buried objects with high accuracy.
Ground penetrating radar technology is useful because it scans underground objects without destruction or demolishing any structure.

Why Choose Us?

• We have a team of highly experienced and efficient,trained and accredited GPR technicians.

• Easy to contact.

• Our motive is to maintain strong and faithful relationship with our clients.

You can call us for any services related to utility and ground investigation at +61 417 309 710.

6 Compelling Reasons to Choose Ground Penetrating Radar

Gone are those days when you had to search for underground pipes, concrete and boulders before initiating a project. Imagine how hard it was to use a chisel, pneumatic drill, and a sledge hammer. With ground penetrating radar, the landscape has changed for the better.

Benefits of Choosing Structure Ground Penetrating Radar Investigation for your Project

Ground penetrating radar system uses an excellent technology to reduce environmental investigation zone by locating the pre-existing underground storage tank. Before you begin a project, it is very important to deploy structure ground penetrating radar investigation to avoid obstacles.

GeoScan: (GPR) Underground Services provided to Deakin University

My name is Jon Armstrong from GeoScan. We tell you the instructor investigation.

I'd be somebody can university to come out here today and scan an area approximately 1,200 square meters for a geotechnical site so we've got guys coming in and doing some drilling over this site here.

So what I've got to do what I've been Saunders to come in and scan the saw eric self 1,200 square meters to make sure there's no underground services or any issues to do with this ground here so with couple of methods I’m going to be using today.

The first method will be underground parking camera location using our underground parking cable located.

I've got the receiver so i'll be going around with the transmitter love actually got in the paddock at the moment in the works area will be going around looking for underground services particular with this type of setup.

We look for metallic services that will be one of the methods and their mommy finished doing the transmitter scanning then I’ll be using the one on its own in a passive power and radio mode we going along afterwards as an extra precaution just to make sure that we scanned everywhere and let sometimes in those particular frequencies might find another part that we haven't been able to get through the transmitter skin.

So it's an extra precaution and then once we complete that we think will be using the ground-penetrating radar which is a high-frequency electromagnetic signal instrument the images into the grand and we pick up the images on the monitor system.

So that particularly will be used for non-metallic services such as drainage PVC pipes any pits. We may be out of gets some slot GEO physical aspects with it life might be able to see some boys or some rocks and stuff like that but predominantly will be looking for utilities GEO scanning process for the radar and basically once we do all that that will complete the scanning of the area that being the society so the reason why I'm cording to conduct the scanning over this 1,200 meter square so I is are particularly being geo technical issues where drilling is commences and it was conducted we've farm we are called in to do this light scanning in regards to being in la jeunesse issue so it's a requirement now like even if there's a nice services on plans or stated in this area it's still requirements no H&S requirement that and the ground service location scanners according to conduct the works so yeah that's the reason why I'm here today.

Hi I'm just don't let me know now we've completed the service investigation of the site of concern the 1,200 meter square so I didn't find any utilities. Have such so we did all of scan methods right are and Grandpop capital Geo location work power participant Radian mode scans all our caution scans so nothing's come up.

We’ve seen with the ride although ground profile change so basically we've got to the north of the site we've got a fairly solid ground climb it's a rock high-density sort of soil and we found to the south where the block drops off.

We’ve got like a bad area that's all Phil so we can see on a different brown profile where they batted towards the south to where it's just natural ground so there will be interesting for you guys that when you do your road drilling to see the changes in the in the soil profiles in that area.

Also when I was scanning we found an area of long green grass here which we would think could have been of concern whether there was going to be parts in the way leading out of this area what well what's going on anyway.

I've done ground penetrating radar scan on it and i found down to about 800 basically rubble and we think it might be in our well that's being filled in then I whether it might be a septic tank we're not too sure.

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How Can You Find Reliable A Reliable Cable Locator In Geelong?

Whenever there is a fault in cable, it is very hard to work on cable fault finding. This is because cables are covered by walls or floor.

But, you do no need to worry. Just call Geoscan utility location services.

We are experts in cable locating and cable fault finding. Cable locating is useful as it finds faults in cable without damaging existing structure or surface over the cables.

Why choose us?

• We have highly professional, trained and accredited team members
• We provide practical and effective advice to our clients.
• We have many satisfied and happy clients.
• We provide the most up to date equipment and use latest scanning technologies.

We are available on our number +61 417 309 710.

Get Effective Cable Fault Finding Service in Geelong

With electrical energy distributed extensively for consumption these days, it is of utmost importance to undertake the cable fault finding exercise seriously.

Any fault, whether its within the device or with its supply cabling pose substantial risks or damage, including wastage of electricity, a threat to the environment causing health hazards, costs more money and disrupts all kinds of communication.

At GeoScan, we have the trained and experienced staff who use latest advanced cable locators to find accurate information about the location of buried utilities.

All our equipments have integrated features, which ultimately avoid human errors and ensure site safety.

We can help locate cable faults in different categories including Communication/Data cables, Low voltage electricity cables, irrigation cable systems, telstra Cables and high voltage cables.

To get started with your excavation projects or site investigation, call +61 417 309 710 or Email:

Why is Utility Location Services Required?

Utility location service is a necessity to detect underground cables, pipes, and other objects before beginning construction. GeoScan uses the latest techniques and devices to detect metallic as well as non-metallic objects using flexible tracer rods. The company also specializes in utility mapping and survey.

Benefits of Utility Location

  • Professional utility location techniques make it easier to detect underground cables and pipes
  • It can effectively detect domestic water services and hidden fire services
  • Check and diagnose gas networks
  • Detect underground electrical works, telecommunications network, drainage or sewer conduits

So, what you are waiting to call. Call GeoScan experts on 0417 309 710.