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Updated by Serviced Cloud on Dec 09, 2016
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Top 5 Cloud Trends of 2017

Right now, analytics, mobile and social media trends have been slowed down due to the development of cloud-based technologies. However, cloud-based solutions have made big steps forward with still more room for growth and improvement.

Continue reading to find out more about the top 5 cloud trends we can expect to see in 2017.


More big businesses will be switching over to the cloud

Companies are constantly looking for ways to give better and more competitive customer services and are constantly keeping their eye out for services that will help leverage new advances in a variety of sectors.


Pricing will not be the most important selling point

It seems that Microsoft, Amazon and Google are competing for business by trying to offer the right price points, but users are no longer concerned about pricing as much as they are about features and capabilities. Companies are doing what they can to expand what the cloud can offer them since their users are looking past price and more into the future, which is great for growth.


Data transfer will grow more simplified

Data transferring is often one of the biggest hurdles that companies face when they consider switching over to the cloud. Compared to even just 2 years ago, the cloud now has more simplified making transferring data and information even simpler than copy and paste with many solutions providing a drag and drop feature.


Cloud options will continue to take on more hybrid forms

A lot organizations and programmers are trying to be as careful as possible and are regularly trying to find alternatives that will help them leverage the cloud while keeping one foot in the cloud and one foot on the ground to help safeguard themselves against any future difficulties, for example, how to protect data in case servers crash completely. Currently, infrastructure designers and suppliers are working on coming up with these kinds of solutions.


Desktop computer options that are hosted

With companies trying to control costs, using services like hosted desktop is really the way to really go. Businesses can keep prices low and offer advanced solutions and technology to their clients. Workers can collaborate and access everything they want wherever they are.