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3 Ways to Finance a Small Business for Women

As of 2012, there are almost 10 million women who own a business in the USA. That’s a 26.8% increase since 2007. If you are a woman that owns a small business, there are numerous lending options out there for you.



Venture capital/angel investors

Venture capital/angel investors

If you’ve ever watched ABC’s Shark Tank, then you are aware of who angel investors are – affluent individuals providing capital for business start-ups, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.

One known angel group is Golden Seeds. What’s really neat here is that it’s a prerequisite for the woman to be on their board before investing.




The Amber Grant was founded in 1998 to honor a young woman who passed away before she was able to accomplish her entrepreneurial dreams. The grants range from $500 to $2,500 to assist micro-entrepreneurs in getting their business started so they can later go after larger investments.




If you can’t qualify for traditional financing, microloans could be the answer for you. These are low-value loans, usually $100 or less. These are ideal for micro enterprises that just need a little bit of a hand to get their idea off the ground. If necessary, you can get multiple microloans at once.

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