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Updated by Vaibhav Joshi on Dec 07, 2016
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When mileage matters, pick a 125cc bike!

One of the best bike that is available in the fragment today is the 125 cc bike. There are bikes in India exhibit in the system that provide a healthy balance between power and mileage and they seem to fit in the budget perfectly too


Are you planning to buy a new bike?

Thinking about balancing your money when you are buying a new bike? Well, that makes out to be a good idea always! There are bikes present in the system that provide a healthy balance between power and mileage and they seem to fit in the budget perfectly too. One of the best bikes that are present in the segment today is the 125 cc bikes. It does not only fit in your budget well, but they seem to be a perfect vehicle to use keeping Indian roads in mind. They fit in so well on the power segment too with a decent amount of power to help you to zip through easily.


Choose to buy a kind of two wheeler that will suits you best

We deal with so much traffic and tough riding conditions today that make you think about the kind of the bikes you have to buy or afford. There are plenty to choose from and that makes it so much easier for you to decide too. Looking up the top 125 cc bikes in India makes it easier for you to decide on the kind of two wheeler that will suits you best – So, which are they?


Discover 125 cc

Discover 125 cc

A bike that beats so many other vehicles in a simple countdown. Built for the masses, this is a bike that delivers on any surface and would be an instant hit anywhere. There was a time that many people wondered if a 125cc bike would be sufficient for Indian roads, well those days are well and truly gone. They make a complete package if anything today. They dominate our Indian roads with superior mileage and that is exactly what you get from the Discover 125 cc too.


Honda CB Shine

Honda CB Shine

Well down the pecking order would be the Honda CB Shine. It is not the best in design but does give good presence on the road, the power is well enough too so you do not really feel a lack anywhere in terms of push on the road. If anything, the styling and the mileage take a hit. It is still a decent buy when you compare it with others, but the sheer dominance of Discover almost overshadows it. Another worry is the heavier price tag that it comes with. Lastly, maintenance has always been a concern for the Honda manufacturers who do not have presence as wide as a Bajaj. You would be able to find plenty more options in the same price range.


Hero Glamour

Hero Glamour

Under powered, yet good on looks. This bike has been present in the market for a while now in the 125 cc bike segment but has not really developed to become a strong force. If you had to choose it on the list, it makes a tough choice number 2 and is never close to what the Bajaj Discover.


125 cc bike

Getting a great 125 cc bike India makes up for all the road trouble in India. You would have absolute ease on the road, making your ride complete!