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Our systems allows you to operate at full capacity with more grain-on-grain threshing, less grain damage, and higher field efficiency. Plus, our RPR concaves work for all crops so no more changing out concaves.




Don Estes, as an agricultural equipment welder by trade invented and patented the Disrupter for Case IH and John Deere rotary combines in 1995. Since, he has developed and patented the class-leading RPR Concave System that improves capacity, eliminates rotor loss and thrashes all crops with one concave system.


Product Which Saves Your Time As Well As Money

Product Which Saves Your Time As Well As Money

This is the one of the greatest success in agricultural way as we have seen it rise again. The cleaner they are selling will eliminate the loss of grains. Concave System is one of the best products and the feedback for the same is also amazing.


Benefits To Buy Combine Concaves For Your Farm

Farm machinery and vehicles are the absolute most much priced speculations that you'll make toward your day by day operations. One of the best combine concaves for second hand tractors is John Deere. There is a great deal of positive things about this decision instead of the price difference.


Best Products For Harvesting With Best Offers

Their special products include this astonishing john Deere combine. It has great work on the field and it is very much beneficial when it comes to harvesting. With its unique structure, these products save a lot of time and harvest it on the best level. From which any field men would get productive outcome.

To Make Your Field Job Easy Use Harvesters

Are the plants that you have planted in your fields ready to be harvested? If yes, then you must use the harvesters to do the job more efficiently and in a short period of time. If you use the John Deere harvester you are sure to get some benefits, let us see those.


The Importance Of Buying John Deere Concaves

The Importance Of Buying John Deere Concaves

There are loads of new and imaginative farming tools today. Nobody can deny the way that this hardware is critical keeping in mind the end goal to raise the profitability. In any case, there are additionally a couple of things that must be considered when obtaining John Deere concaves.


RPR Concave System - The Best Concave System Yet

The new Estes RPR Thrashing/Separating concave System has addressed all of Thrashing-Separating Issues. The new system has a patented round bar with a notch milled in it to restrict the crop flow and force material to rub on material.


Why Should Combine Harvester Be Used In Your Farm?

Why Should Combine Harvester Be Used In Your Farm?

Are you growing different types of crops on your farm? Then you must be worried about how to reap them. The most convenient method of doing this by using John Deere combine. Let us know what the use of this combine harvester is.

Estes RPR Concaves - Catering to the Best out Here

Catering to the efficient system of the John Deere Concaves machines, one knows that it’s not large enough nor it opens enough to get the crop through without really sacrificing a lot of the grounds speed.


The Best Use of Concaves in Harvesters

Do you know why concaves are used in harvesters? There are generally two uses of sunnybrook concaves, namely to thresh and separate the corns that are harvested.


How To Properly Use The Combine Harvesters?

If you have hired or brought a combine harvester, then you must be eager to know how to use them. You are at the right place just continue reading and you will know how to use the combine harvesters using JD concaves.


How To Choose The Best Harvester For Your Farm?

You may be requiring a harvester for your farm. If you are then you must be thinking how to find the best harvester. You are at the right place; continue reading and you will know how to find the best harvester for your firm. It is always better to have John Deere harvester as it has all the features of the best harvester.


How To Get The Best Combine Concaves?

How To Get The Best Combine Concaves?

While the purchase of farm as well as development gear remains a costly affair, utilized machines offers a lucrative alternative to the general population. The greater part of all, the utilized farm machinery offers a valuable alternative to all the general population who require premium quality administration at reasonable ventures. Several traders of Japan guarantee to give branded utilized combine concaves to their remote customers.

Things to Consider While Buying Case Combine

Case Combine or IH, Combine Harvester you may call it with any name, but it is a valuable tool for harvesting. Additionally, it becomes more important to know about the basics and uses of combine harvester because they are a huge investment for anyone. You would obviously not want to invest a huge sum of money for wrong or improper machine in the harvesting process. We have here thus collected some of the most important factors to be understood before investing in the combine harvester.

The Method To Choose The Best Harvester

Have you made up your mind to buy a harvester for your farm? If you have then you must know how to buy the best harvester that is fitted with John Deere Concave. Let us see what steps you should follow to buy such a harvester.

Way To Use The Combine Harvesters?

If you have brought or hired a combine harvester then you must know what to do to use that properly. If you continue reading you will know the proper usage of combine harvester fitted with case concaves. Let us see what we should do for the proper usage.

The Reason For The Usage Of Harvesters In Farms

If you are growing different kinds of crops then you must be thinking how to reap them. The best way to reap your crop is by the usage of John Deere harvester. Let us see how this single machine can help you to reap, thresh the crop and winnowing the reaped and threshed crop.

Selecting a John Deere Harvester over Others a Wise Decision?

John Deere Harvester is one such great machine for your fields. You can easily save a lot of time and efforts with the help of John Deere Harvester series machines. These machines have outperformed its other copy products or knock-offs. There is an engineering difference in all of these machines, and John Deere has proved its worth over others.

The Proper Usage Of Sunnybrook Concaves In Harvesters

There are basically two types of Sunnybrook Concaves that are used. They are used for threshing and separating the crops that you have harvested. The usage of the harvester is definitely helping you to earn more as you have reduced the loss of crop that you used to have previously.

How Would a John Deere Combine Yield you Better Returns?

John Deere combine, IH and other types of machine have benefit to crops and would help in getting increased production at the end. John Deere combine is the latest machine available for harvesting, and its results are tried and tested by many farmers. There are various benefits of the device over its other competitors.


Why Choose XPR Concave System?

Why Choose XPR Concave System?

Our patented RPR Concave System is the best of all worlds, no plugging, no rotor loss, less broken cobs, less fines, more capacity and significantly better sample from running a slower rotor speed.

How To Use John Deere Concaves For Better Yield?

If you own a farm and feel that you are not getting the maximum yield from the field then it is high time that you use John Deere Concaves. These harvesting machines with the help of their various features help you to maximize the yield and earn more.

Why Do You Need A Sunnybrook Combine?

If you own a farm then you must know the importance of combine harvesters. They are a unique machine which has turned the work of many into a work of a single person. You can do the entire work related to harvesting with the help of this machine. If you are using such a harvester in your farm then you must be using sunnybrook combine parts for it.

Choosing The Finest Combine Concaves For Your Field

For easing out the trouble, many people use harvester to reap their crops. Any farmer can increase the efficiency of their harvester by using the combine concaves. The concaves are used in combine harvesters for reaping the crops like rice, sorghum and corn.


John Deere Concaves for Farming

Through these new age machines, one can easily get more than they expect with least effort. Among the new offerings, there is John Deere concaves that help the farmers to get the end goal of cutting down the expenses and increase their profitability.