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5 Fun and Easy Ways to Relieve from Everyday Stress

Fun and quick ways to get rid of stres!



We all have those days when the pressure we feel is simply too high and in those moments it seems like only a couple of seconds separate us from feeling too overwhelmed and not to mention how stress can have serious effect on our bodies. Everyone has been to that place before, even more than once, so, do not worry you are not alone. There are many ways to relieve from stress, but not each one of those ways will work for you.
But, there are some fun stress relievers that seem to be working for many people, and you can practice them on a regular basis. So, if you are one of those people who prefer to relieve their stress with fun, then continue reading because we have prepared several fun and easy ways to help you get rid of that unnecessary everyday stress.



Believe it or not, laughter is an amazing stress reliever. When you laugh you are releasing endorphins and other healthy hormones that will help you fight off stress, and if you really give it a go, your abs will appreciate it too. Laughing will leave you in a positive state of mind and you will also create stronger bonds with people you share a laugh with. So, make sure to incorporate more humor in your life and in no time you will forget about that stress you have been feeling.




If you have been roaming the web lately, you might have noticed that more and more people are turning to drawing and art as a stress reliever. Try to discover your artistic side whether that is just doodling or sketching some serious art because this is an amazing stress reliever for many reasons. Drawing helps you express and process your emotions and feelings, it is a good distraction and when you are done you are left with a beautiful drawing to enjoy in. So, grab a pen and paper and start creating some art!



By exercising you are relieving your mental stress by enduring physical stress, and even though it sounds contradictory, exercising is one of the best ways to relieve from that unnecessary everyday stress. So, by exercising regularly you will get rid of stress because you will reduce stress hormones like cortisol and release endorphins. Exercising will also help you improve your sleep and give you that much needed confidence we all need. Pick activities like walking, yoga, dancing or rock climbing because they are consisted of repetitive movements for big groups of muscles and they are the best activities for freeing yourself from stress.




Playing games, whether with a group of friends or on your mobile device can also be a great way to relieve from stress. Games have that effect of keeping us in the present with our mind and hearts focused and are usually followed with laughter. You can organize game nights where you will invite your friends to have some fun, or if you are not in the mood for company, you can always opt for a stress relieving game to play on your mobile device. You can try a weapon simulation app because what is better way to relieve from stress then shooting at targets, or maybe a coloring book app because of the reasons we have mentioned above. So, choose what suits you best.



Breathing exercises are an excellent way to relieve from stress and they are easy, fast and can be performed no matter where you are. To relieve yourself from stress you just need to stand or sit in a relaxed position and slowly inhale through your nose while you are counting to five. The air you have inhaled release from your mouth while counting to eight, repeat a couple of times and soon you will feel relaxed and stress free!

Here you go, five fun and easy ways to help you relieve from everyday stress. As you can see they are all extremely doable, so, next time you find yourself feeling anxious, try one of these methods and we are sure that you will be back to your old relaxed self in no time.