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Updated by Andrew Davis on Jun 19, 2014
Headline for 10 Must-see Sessions at Content Marketing World 2012
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10 Must-see Sessions at Content Marketing World 2012

I'm really excited to be speaking at Content Marketing World 2012 in Columbus. But I'm even more excited about seeing these 10 speakers.


Creating an Original Video Strategy that Works

According to Cisco Systems, over 80% of the total engagement time on the web will be video by 2013. This means that we have to start taking our video strategy seriously. Todd Wheatland will show step-by-step, how Kelly Services is integrating video into their overall content marketing strategy, and what it takes to create, distribute and measure video for maximum impact.


How to Create Epic Content that Is True to Your Brand AND Drives Business

How to Create Epic Content that Is True to Your Brand AND Drives Business

“How to Create Epic Content that Is True to Your Brand AND Drives Business″
Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

I can't even wait for a description of this presentation!

Understanding the New World of Klout, Social Sharing and Social Influence Marketing

We are on the cusp of a marketing revolution – and it is being led by you! Companies like Klout are slicing, dicing, and dissecting the billions of bits of information published on social media sites each day and grading your ability to create buzz. The most powerful of these new “Citizen Influencers” are being rewarded by companies like Audi, Disney, and American Express with trips, merchandise, and luxury cars. Today, anyone can get behind the velvet rope … if you know how! In this fast-paced talk, the author of the best-selling book Return On Influence gives you the inside scoop on the revolutionary world of social influence marketing.

How to Turn Your Blog Posts into an Amazon Best-Selling eBook

Leadership Consultant, Blogger and former corporate executive Lisa Petrilli shares her story of how she turned a blog post series into an Amazon “Hot New Release” and kept it at the top of Amazon charts for months afterward.

Game Strategy Techniques for Content Marketing

According to Mike Liebhold, senior researcher for The Institute for the Future, in a recent Pew Research Center report titled The Future of Gamification, “The development of ‘Serious Games’ applied productively to a wide scope of human activities will accelerate simply because playing is more fun than working.”

In this 30 minute session, Russell Sparkman will review what it is that attracts people to games, and who gamers really are (the answer will surprise you), and how game strategy can add an element of fun to content marketing. Using examples culled from websites to apps, Russell will present 10 actionable game strategy ideas that you can use to drive greater engagement through your content marketing efforts.

Content Marketing World | Content Marketing as Your Public Relations

While storytelling has always been a core component of effective public relations, social media has given rise to a new set of opportunities to create and distribute content that supports PR initiatives. As the Columbus Marathon and Madison Electric Products learned, quality content changes behavior, activates audiences and supports business objectives. This presentation will share two very different case studies – highlighting best practices and applicable tips from each. From live “Ask the Race Director” UStream shows and a virtual scavenger hunt … to white papers and strategic blog posts … Madison and the marathon created success by creating compelling content.

For the Love of ___, Leverage All the Channels Available to You

We live in a multiplatform world. Meaning your customers live in a multiplatform world. And they expect information 24/7 – but they aren’t glued to one device. Content lives in many places. Engagement is contextual. And digital isn’t everything. Sometimes, it doesn’t work at all. Heresy? No. Just smart content marketing.

How to Develop Amazing Audio and Podcast Content Marketing

The power of the spoken word as a means to convey a story is also a powerful strategy when it comes to your content marketing plan. With so many content strategies to choose from, using audio is often overlooked and underrated. This session is designed to show you how audio can be a strong, effective content strategy that offers consistency, leverage and results! Go beyond the basic idea of what you think podcasting is and expand your knowledge of how audio and business can work together successfully.

Why You're Missing Out on Slideshare

Every day, thousands of content marketers try to figure out how to use social networks to generate business opportunities. Yet – shockingly – only 20% of them are using the one platform which many leading content marketers see as the most effective network of them all.

Hear from two of Slideshare’s most passionate users, as Joe and Todd share their blueprint to develop an outcome-focused Slideshare presence.

Don’t miss this hands-on session, which will include expert tips to leverage Slideshare across other networks, including LinkedIn.

Transforming Your Small Business into a Content Powerhouse

(If you're not going to my session - this one's a winner!)
The majority of small businesses complain about a lack of resources, time and talent to produce the type of multi-channel content that will make a real impact in the business. Simply put, this is not true. In this session, C.C. Chapman will show you simple ways to set up your content marketing program that will extend the life of your stories, and take your business to the next level.

Content Marketing World | Search + Social = The Wonder Twins of Content Marketing

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