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Top Things to do in Ubud – Cool Central Highlands of Bali

Ubud the cultural hub of Bali is a holistic resort; a sanctuary for rejuvenating the weary soul. The lush paddy terraces, verdant jungles and forest temples are some of the fascinating allures there.


Discover the Ancient Mysteries of Goa Gajah – Elephant Cave

This iconic attraction is one of the country's most treasured archaeological sites. Find it to the south of Bedulu Village which in itself is well known for housing historical sites. You can reach the temple easily as it is just 6kms from the town centre of Ubud. Head down the ancient flight of stairs and you come to an old relic room complete with a courtyard. The main cave is from the 11th century and features a fascinating collection of rock wall carvings that illustrate the holistic meditation sites there. On the outer edge of the temple compound is a vintage bathing pool and Hindu Temple.


Enjoy a Sojourn in Ubud Monkey Forest

Get up close and personal with the sacred monkeys of Bali; visit the Ubud Monkey Forest home to a large number of long-tailed Macaque. Located at the very edge of the town centre the forest overlooks beautiful Padantegal Village. Deep within the forest are sanctified temples held in reverence by the villagers. The forest is also an official research site that delves into the habitat and characteristics of the monkeys.


Relish the Gorgeous Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Home to some of South East Asia's most beautiful landscapes, Bali is loved for the terraced hills of Ubud. Using the famous Subak irrigation system these terraced paddy fields help villagers cultivate around the highlands of Ubud. The drive north into the cool confines of Tegallalang will prove to be quite an invigorating adventure enhanced with a stop at Pakudai Village; famous for producing carved wood products. The region is ideal for buying authentic souvenirs and snapping up stunning locations. If you are a nature lover consider choosing from a choice of Ubud resorts located in the central foothills. The Ayung River Valley area home to the ancient hill village of Payangan and the Alila Ubud Bali is a popular region for enjoying stunning environs within a holistic ambience.


Tour Puri Saren – Royal Palace

The palace of the Ubud Royal family is a must visit; best of all it is just a walk from the famous Ubud Art Market. This iconic site will prove to be quite fascinating not just for art lovers but also culture buffs and historians. The place was built during the reign of His Lordship the late Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel. Lovingly maintained by his heirs and it's one of the best places for absorbing ancient Balinese architecture and landscaped gardens. By evening the place takes on a festive air as traditional Balinese dance performances take place there.


Visit the Flamboyant Confines Blanco Renaissance Museum

Pilipino born maestro Don Antonio Blanco who made Ubud his home, built this iconic house as a testament to his outlandish character. The place houses a wealth of treasures in the form of poetry, paintings, illustrations and lithographic illustrations by the artist.

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