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Updated by marissa-miner on Dec 05, 2016
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10 Amazing Tech Tools for the Classroom

These are my favorite top 10 technology tools that are the best to use in the classroom!

Go Noodle

Go Noodle is a free website that requires an account and gets students out of their seats and moving around whether it is at home or in the classroom. There are hundreds of videos you can choose from to get the kids running, jumping, dancing, and stretching. This is a great tool because every student will want to be engaged and will bring attention back to wherever it is needed.




Popplet is a great free website that allows a class or students individually to map out and organize their thoughts. Students are able to create relationships between ideas and also add pictures. This would be a great tool for students to use in a variety of activities because it is so easy to use. You can also save these popplets and share with others.


BrainPOP is a free website for student use with seven different subjects. Within these subjects there are several different topics to choose from going from authors to the law. The site is overall engaging and will keep students interested in learning. This site is very helpful because it can also be converted into Spanish and French.

Go Formative

Go Formative is a formative assessment that gives you instant feedback as the students answer. This is a great tool because it allows all students in the class to be 100% engaged and wanting to answer questions correctly. This is a quick website for teachers to be able to see where their students are at in the lesson without having to grade a stack a papers.


Kahoot is free game-based formative assessment that makes any learning fun for all ages but, you will need a set of devices whether it be a class set or personal. These quizzes are very easy to make and you can even embed pictures and videos into them. Teachers will receive 100% participation and students will be having fun while learning and trying to beat their classmates!




Quiver is a free 3D augmented reality coloring app that allows student to bring their coloring to "life" in 3D. This app also has fully interactive and engaging educational quizzes based on the content and simple games. Quiver takes coloring and learning to a whole other level allowing students to become more engaged and interactive.


Todo Math

Todo Math

Todo Math is a free app that offers 28+ multi-level engaging games and 60+ standards-aligned missions to help Pre-K to 2nd grade students with math. This app is a great tool for teachers because it allows students to be at different levels since not all students learn at the same pace. It also has a great feature for parents to get on the app and see what their chid has been doing and their progress. Teachers could also use this feature to make sure students are staying on the correct path. Overall, this app has lots of fun characters and bright colors drawing in students making them want to learn more.

My Storybook

My Storybook is a free website that allows students to create their very own storybooks. This would be a great tool if students needed to create a book report or create their own stories. It is a very simple process and can be used for multiple grade levels. When students finish their work they are able to publish and share their creations with others. This is a great tool to add a twist into regular classwork.

Crayola for Educators

Crayola for Educators is a free website that teachers can go on to and find activities and lesson plans for their classrooms. When teachers look at the lesson plans on this site they are able to see the grade level that it will work best with, the time frame, directions, all of the standards, and adaptions. This is an amazing tool because it allows teachers to bring activities that they would not have thought about before and allows for learning to be more engaging.


Plickers is a tool that allows teachers to real-time formative assessment data without the need of student devices. This is a great tool if your class does not have access to devices because only the teacher needs one. This is also suitable for a variety of grade levels. This easy and free website is a must have in your classroom!