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Fit Lyfe - Managing Health and Wellness!

Providing sustainable wellness solutions to customers and in-depth expertise by inventing new wellness solutions is the task performed at fit lyfe. We aim to solve wellness problems, improvising wellness challenges faced by various organizations. We as an association believes in dispensing robust and comprehensive resolutions in the wellness market.


How Corporate Wellness And Health Can Help?

How Corporate Wellness And Health Can Help?

Not many organizations know about corporate health and wellness as well as about their benefits. Employees are the main driving force of an organization to its goals and objectives.


Create a Wellness Program Management Plan for your Employees

Create a Wellness Program Management Plan for your Employees

Health is the prime factor to live a happy life. If you are an employer, you must build a wellness program management plan for your employees.

Inculcating Corporate Wellness To Work Culture

The idea behind launching a corporate wellness program in the workplace is to increase productivity and boost motivation levels of employees. This ensures while they work their health issues are addressed.

Company Wellness Challenges for Employee’s Benefit

In order to give their employees more, employers positively affect their health and behavior. The influence is done through a number of ways that involves environmental and cultural changes. To make these changes efficient and rewarding, many employers do organize corporate wellness challenges for their employees


Health Information Technology A Safer Way To Healthcare

Health Information Technology A Safer Way To Healthcare

Information technology has touched all aspects of our life. Healthcare is also not left alone. This scientific revolution has bought health information technology to bring about positive changes in our lives by making healthcare more efficient and accurate.


The Benefits That One Can Derive From Corporate Wellness Solutions

The Benefits That One Can Derive From Corporate Wellness Solutions

It is astonishing to see that the general health of people is drastically diminishing though medical standards have improved. This peculiar controversy has lead to many developments in wellness solutions.

Why A Company Needs A Corporate Wellness Program?

With these corporate wellness solutions, a company can increase the loyalty and satisfaction of employees. A corporate wellness program should excite and encourage employees to live healthy lives.

The Best Way to Provide Corporate Health and Wellness

If you have a company it must be your endeavor to give proper health care and wellness to your employee. By using corporate wellness solutions you can give that to them.


Corporate Wellness Challenge - Fitlyfe

The FitLyfe Corporate Wellness Challenge is an application, which allows you to motivate and energize your employees to take control of their personal health and fitness in a friendly, competitive environment.

FitLyfe - Health And Wellness Platform

The FitLyfe 360 Private Platform is a technology solution that simplifies health and wellness program administration, while providing unlimited access to the best of breed health and wellness vendor services.


Keeping the Vendor Honest in the Era of Big Data

Keeping the Vendor Honest in the Era of Big Data

In today’s high-tech world, it seems that everything can be measured and quantified, often times to excess. This rings very true in the area of healthcare, with employers sponsoring a wealth of employee benefits designed to monitor and improve their overall health and wellbeing. A platform should be designed to provide you the insight to manage your health and wellness programs, based on easy to read performance indicators.

The Health Program That Offers The Ultimate To Anyone

There are various programs that will offer you the best wellness platform that anyone can offer. They offer unique platforms that are customized according to your needs and to the employees that you have.

The Health Program That Has Clinical Intelligence

Do you require a health and wellness platform that has clinical intelligence? And yes it’s possible. he clinical intelligence that is integrated into the platform enables employees to know about their health condition and know the path they should follow to have a healthy life.

FitLyfe Health and Wellness Platform Ties Fitness Challenges to Charitable Giving

The FitLyfe platform includes a “Challenge” module that makes it easy for administrators to configure company-wide competitions. FitLyfe charges a subscription fee for each challenge and will donate 10% of each subscription to the World Pediatric Project, an organization committed to bringing life-saving medical care to children with nowhere else to turn.

FitLyfe Adds Clinical Intelligence Analytics to Health and Wellness Platform

FitLyfe, a population health and wellness technology company, has built automated, personalized healthcare management into the FitLyfe 360 platform through its proprietary Clinical Intelligence (CI) analytics and automation engine.

Let’s Make the Corporate Health Our Priority

FitLyfe360 private wellness platform which gives you unlimited choice at a lesser cost. The program manager is in complete control with a dedicated support team of professionals. FitLyfe 360 gives you better insights which lead to better program choices making wellness initiatives more successful.

Corporate Wellness and Its Effect on Operations

Diverse types of programs are present in the arsenal of corporate wellness solution providers. Not every employer is able to fund and carry the weight of any sudden offset in the health of employees. Through the wellness programs, the employees are encouraged to take preventive means to stop an illness and avoid its growth.

The Best Way to Provide Corporate Health

If you have a company it must be your endeavor to give proper health care and wellness to your employee. By using corporate wellness solutions you can give that to them. There are many aspects of this solution.

The Revolution in Health Management That Benefits Us

Are you trying to offer better health services to your employees? Then you must use health information technology to offer the best. Let us see what can really be offered through this management technology so that your employees have better health.

FitLyfe 360 Private Platform - Health Screening Management

Give your employees the health screening tools they need to stay on track and monitor their health. A simpler way to complete and submit biometric screenings comes to life with our Health Screening options. With the FitLyfe 360 Private Platform participants can complete their biometric screening

The Benefits of a Physician Screening in Corporate Wellness Programs

When it comes to biometric screenings for corporate wellness programs companies can use a few different options. Typically the most popular amongst the options are onsite screenings. Employers view onsite screenings as being easy and convenient for their employee population but onsite screenings become costly to the company.

Reasons to Take the Benefit of Wellness Programs into Corporate Culture

To increase awareness about workplace wellness programs, social media plays an important role. It helps keep employees on track of their health improvement. To motivate your employees, social networks, online engagements and mobile apps related to health play a great part.

Significance of Corporate Wellness Programs

There are different types of corporate wellness programs that encourage the workforce to live a healthy life and prevent the onset of any disease. Today, when the health care cost is going up, it makes great sense to address the specific needs of employees and increase their participation in corporate wellness programs.

How Wellness Program Management Is Crucial For Business

Wellness program management sees that the health of the employees is at its best and evaluates the means to improve them with ease. The management organizes programs to encourage individuals to take preventive measures regarding their health. The programs help the employees to acknowledge their illness or disease and work towards adoption of a healthier lifestyle.

Proactive and Reactive Health in Wellness Programs

Healthcare costs in the US are on the rise and wellness programs are put in place to help reduce theses costs. Reactive health can be defined as reacting to an injury, condition, unfavorable disease, or symptom. Proactive health differs from reactive in the sense that action is taken before symptoms develop.