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Best pool party ideas

Best pool party ideas

Pool Party Ideas

A night-time Holiday themed party would be exciting with colored lights strung on your pool fence. Create a food menu before the party and wrap the complete meal individually per person like a gift.

How to Heat a Pool

There are ways on how to heat a swimming pool quickly. Here are a few tips that you need to follow if you want to heat a pool.

Gate Latches

The very best gate latches are magnetic safety gates. These latches are made to withstand even the heartiest of childhood assaults on your pool. They are unshakeable. Children cannot open them without the help of an adult. These magnetic gate latches will remain closed. They will not accidentally be opened by a child or pet.

Safety fence

If possible, put a pool fence equipped with a self-locking latch, which should never be left open. Pool safety is important. It can save lives!

Pool fencing cost

Many pool fences are typically priced per foot. The larger the pool area the greater your overall costs, though many retailers lower the cost per foot on longer fences.

Temporary dog fences

Finding something attractive that matches your backyard design and don't look hideous could be a challenge. It's also important to find a strong fence with small holes which is difficult to claw through.

Temporary pools

Temporary pool fencing can be useful when you are not allowed to drill holes in your ground. Our NO HOLES pool fence is removable and very safe.

Backyard fence ideas

Here are some Backyard Fence Ideas to consider, it’s important to think about who will be using the pool, if you want fencing that can be removable and which fence would be most attractive.