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Headline for Industrialization and The Great War
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Industrialization and The Great War

Here are some good sources pertaining to how industrialization impacted World War 1.

Inventions that were utilized for the first time in World War 1.

This website provides a good outline of what to concentrate on for this project, and lists many inventions that were used during the war. These inventions include

  • Machine guns
  • Airplanes
  • Tanks
  • Poisonous Gas
  • Submarines

This source is an audio recording of Frank Vanderlip who talks about World War 1. In the very beginning, Vanderlip mentions how "this is a war of equipment." Vanderlip talks primarily about how money is what is required to win this war, and how the military must have enough money from Congress to stock up on planes, weapons, and ships. This is a great firsthand example of how war changed in this time due to industrialization.

BBC's "The Art of War"

This website by the BBC talks about the great changes in warfare that were seen in World War 1, and provides many key events that show this. This website also gives good detail about air warfare, something unseen in the world before this time.

Another fantastic Library of Congress audio file, James Cox talks about how certain weapons must be banned or else the world could be destroyed. Cox specifically mentions gas bombs, as the effects of these were horrific (and the use of them is now a war crime). Though this speech took place after World War 1, Cox talks about avoiding the horrors that World War 1 brought (and, inadvertently, industrialization brought).

WWI: Technology and Tactics

This website talks about how the military leaders at the time used old tactics against new technology on both sides, which was a leading factor in the death toll in WW1. The site also talks about chemical warfare, and provides many other useful tools and websites in the citations.

World War I in Photos

This website provides an arsenal of different pictures to choose form and analyze and put in the video. The cover photo will is also a good course, as it shows how modern technology was passing up the old as a tank passes a dead horse.