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Best Social Media Sites for Content Marketing

You've worked hard to create awesome content, now it's time to promote the heck out of it. Right? Unless you have people who are able to find your newest blog post, it's going to be very hard to receive likes, build followers and for the article itself to go viral. But the ultimate goal here is to create an abundance of visitors to your new site. The sites listed here will provide maximum exposure for all of your articles and websits.

Joe Samson's Most Interesting Articles on Bag The Web

When you find content on the web that you've found useful, you can organize it on Bag The Web. Once you have these organized, you can also share them with visitors so they can use the same resources as you. With everything clustered under different themes and topics, this platform is incredibly easy to use.

Joe Samson's Twitter Account

The latest Tweets from Joe Samson (@JoeSamson). Associate Broker - In just seconds you can share quality content with your followers through Twitter. As long as you're an active user and engage with followers, you can gain a lot of exposure from this platform.

Great Calgary Real Estate - Google+

Google+ allows you to network with other agents and join in active real estate communities. You can also share content on your profile, along with any other information that's related to your business.

Joe Samson on

With About.Me you can create a landing page for visitors to learn more about yourself and your business. In addition to writing your profile summary, you can add links that will go back to your website, blog, and any other professional tools you use.

Behance Articles by Joe Samson

Use Behance to showcase your very best articles and various other content you've discovered. With this platform, you can also connect with other professionals and join real estate teams to network right from your computer.

Joe Samson's Favorite Articles Saved on Pearltrees

Real estate agents can easily share content on Pearltrees based on the individual categories. From videos and articles to photos and websites, it's easy to locate content and share it with others.

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

Here is the most comprehensive real estate content marketing sites and social media profiles for Joe Samson. Explore the endless possibilities to market great real estate articles and listings.

Real Estate News and Advice For Buyers, Sellers by Joe Samson on

Realty Times is the real estate industry's most trusted source of local market conditions, buyer's advice, seller's advice, Realtor advice, and real estate news. | Facebook

Facebook is an excellent tool for real estate agents because it allows you to connect with people with ease. You can start conversations with posts, engage followers with quality content, and even market homes for sale. Facebook also allows you to connect with other agents so you can share information. Articles by Joe Samson

If you want to add your own voice into articles that you find, Scoop.It is the way to do it. After you've added in your opinions, you can share the content to those you’re connected with. The better your content is, the more visible it’s going to be to visitors of the site.

Joe Samson's List

Just like the name implies, this platform is designed for users to create lists of content. Not only is this easier for people to read, it's also more likely to get increased clicks. There are endless ways to turn your real estate content into a list that people will want to read.

Joe Samson is on RESAAS - The Real Estate Social Network™.

By connecting with other agents through the professional platform RESAAS, you can make valuable new contacts. With this you can also exchange referrals, post useful real estate content, share listings, and engage in discussions with others.

Storify - Joe Samson

When you use Storify you're able to organize content from all over the web in one spot. In fact, you get to create individual pages with specific information, making it easy to share all types of real estate content.

Joe Samson's Blog at ActiveRain

Being used by many real estate professionals, ActiveRain is a great way to connect with others in the field. You can make a profile, blog about your profession, and share content you have found useful.
.ActiveRain is an online community of real estate professionals who write blogs, exchange best practices and share information. Welcome to the neighborhood.

Joe Samson's Tumblr Posts

With Tumblr you can easily post content, pictures, videos, and posts you'd like to share. In addition to this, you can use it to maintain your own blog and further personalize the content you're sharing.

Joe Samson's Linkedin Profile and Updates

This is a professional social media site where you can share content and discuss information about your business. Additionally, you can connect with other professionals in your field so you can more easily network in and around your area.

StumbleUpon Profile for Joe Samson

With StumbleUpon you can find real estate content that you otherwise wouldn't have found. You can even submit your own content to the site so it can be shared with others and they can save it as they wish.

Joe Samson's Profile - Delicious

Delicious is a bookmarking site that lets you save your favorite websites in one place. To make different pieces of content easy to find in the future, you can organize them by subject and topic.

Website at

When you find online content you like, save it on Diigo to organize it more quickly. With this, you won’t have to sift through tons of bookmarks to find the article you’re looking for.

Triberr - Joe Samson

This is an excellent platform for bloggers, as it allows you to join groups of others who are in the same field as you. Through that you can share information, connect blog posts, and work on projects together.

Joe Samson Magazines at ISSUU

On ISSUU you can create pages of content that are visually appealing to readers. With magazine-like appearances, your content will be organized nicely while still packed full of content you'd like to share.

Joe Samson on Flipboard

This mobile bookmarking platform keeps you updated on the news as well as topics that you're interested in. You can quickly flip through articles here and share those that you've found interesting.

Joe Samson (homesincalgary1)

By attaching images and catchy titles to your articles, you can get more people to click on your content. The more people who "pin" your articles, the more hits your website will get. You can even add friends and create boards of content that you like, making it incredibly useful.

Joe Samson

Listly is very similar to Storify. As matter of fact, by this is Listly where you are reviewing a list of places about Joe Samsn's profile. It's a great way to collect ideas about a particular topic and to come back to for future reference.

Slideshare Account for Joe Samson

Use Slideshare to add visuals to your content, whether old or new and create easy-to-read slides. The added visual aspect is one of the most effective ways of generating increased exposure to your content and therefore your website.