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Canadian Security Services

You don’t need to read this to know how common criminal activities have become these days.


4 Things a Security Guard in Toronto Must Have With Them

4 Things a Security Guard in Toronto Must Have With Them

You don’t need to read this to know how common criminal activities have become these days. Just open the newspaper and you will know that there has either been a murder or robbery at some place or another. What you do need to know is hiring a security guard in Toronto isn’t a luxury anymore.

But just because you have to have manned guards in your vicinity doesn’t mean that you and your family are secure. A security guard must have certain equipment with them to ensure that they can deal with any threat. The things which these guards must have are:-


Proper clothing is one of the most important things which a security guard must have. Usually, the clothing consists of the following:-

Bulletproof vest: This is a critical piece of clothing to have since they will absorb the impact from shrapnel and bullets.

Proper footwear: Security guards often have to stand for several hours continuously which is why having supportive and comfortable shoes are a must.

High visibility clothing: This kind of clothing is necessary for increasing the visibility of the security guards. This will also alert any criminals who may plan to break into your house.


Although flashlights are oversized and heavy, they are an essential thing to have for a guard. This is imperative for guard working on a night duty.

Defense equipment

To defend themselves, the guards should have certain equipment with them at all times. These items usually consist of batons, guns, pepper sprays, etc. having these types of equipment are a vital part of the security industry.

Notepad and pen

Security guards need to keep logs of all their activities and make a note of any suspicious behavior. Precisely for this reason, they must have a notepad and a pen to write the reports during the duty hours.

When it comes to security guards, concierge services or for that matter any security professional, it’s easy finding the providers. What’s tricky is to find quality providers who meet your budget. Precisely for this reason, thorough research is essential before you go on and hire these professionals.

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