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Updated by C. Brandauer on Nov 30, 2016
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5 ways to ensure you create a successful prototype for a client

Prototyping is a methodical but exciting manufacturing process. It relies on great communication between the client and the manufacturer. In order to be successful in making prototypes there are a few key pointers from team that any business needs to consider.


Start off with total understanding

Start off with total understanding

Each prototype is unique, no matter who has designed it and how often you have undertaken work for that client. This means communication is vital in understanding precisely what is needed. The client needs to ensure that their requirements are unequivocally understood so that designs and aims are translated into actions that achieve.


Be specific

Prototypes are the first of their kind so it is vital that the technical requirements needed to build them are very specific and that this detail is catalogued clearly.


Be responsive

Be responsive

Producing a prototype can be straightforward and simple, but often it isn't. However, the mark of a great prototype manufacturer is the ability to be responsive to change, either from the needs of the client or from the learning garnered in the process. Adapting and perfecting are skills that are definitely required. At Brandauer, we are able to trial a variety of raw materials and processes in order to achieve the ultimate final specification for the client.


Agree timescales

It is important for a prototype manufacturer to be open and upfront about the timescales required for the production of something new. Agreeing realistic timescales with the client will be appreciated and all parties can be satisfied that a good job is being delivered.


Agree delivery costs

Agree delivery costs

Prototyping companies will have different methods of charging for their work so it is important that the client is happy with the way the company works. For some clients, an hourly or daily rate will be best, yet for others there may be a preference for a total project cost.