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Super Shark Encyclopedia and Other Creatures of the Deep


Super Shark Encyclopedia

Super Shark Encyclopedia

This Encyclopedia is perfect for adults and children alike, and will give you much pleasure as you browse through the photographs, diagrams, illustrations, and then ponder the many facts and statistics.

For example, the_ Hammerhead Shark _not only has amazing vision, but its extraordinary head is packed with sensors that help it find prey and stay buoyant while swimming.

The Sawshark is equipped with an amazingly long, sawlike probiscus equipped with super-sensitive feelers to help probe its surroundings.

And, the Whitetip Reef shark has a perpetually angry look due to huge ridges over its eyes.

These , and other facts, are easy to digest with this copiously illustrated book. One can find facts on size, habitats, location, diet, cruising depth and time spent swimming, as well as the distance traveled from home.

Did you know, for example, that the Giant Moray Eel _has a second set of Jaws at the back of the throat to take a mortal second bite as the hapless prey goes down its mouth? _Yikes!

Sharks are not the only Deep Sea creature discussed in this book. You will also find illustrations, anatomical diagrams, facts and statistics about Crabs, Star Fish, Jelly Fish, Viperfish, and Portuguese Man O'War, among many other intriguing and mysterious Deep Sea Creatures.

This Encyclopedia would be a wonderful supplement for a biology class with instructional units covering the oceans.

This amazing book is available for immediate checkout by Parents who want to look at it with their children.

The Call Number is: REF 597.3 HAR

Thank you all for being such loyal patrons of our beautiful Library!

P.S. The Goodreads review has this to say about the book:
"**Super Shark Encyclopedia** uncovers the secrets of the oceans by exploring a remarkable array of 80 sharks and other sea creatures — from Barrel Shrimp to Blue Sharks, Starfish to Bat Fish, and Hammerhead Sharks to Sandtiger Sharks, plus surfing penguins, deep-sea monsters, rays, eels and more.

Packed with jaw-dropping facts about animal behavior and anatomy, new x-ray artworks utilize cross-sections and strip layers away to show key anatomical features in detail.

It showcases record-breaking animals, such as the deadliest predators and the most venomous creatures, and explains how and why their bodies work the way they do.

With its combination of spectacular photography and clear yet authoritative text, Super Shark Encyclopedia is the ultimate visual guide to the oceans' most incredible stories."