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Headline for Genocide of the 20th Century
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Genocide of the 20th Century

Primary and Secondary resources for digital storyboard and video project that will focus on the use of genocide by various 20th century dictators to rise and maintain power.

Pol Pot - Facts & Summary -

Primary source created by that gives biographical information on the dictator and the rise of the Khmer Rouge. This information will be used to understand the dictator and how he ruled and to form examples to prove thesis of genocide as a governing tool.

World Without Genocide

Secondary source by web-site that provides information for genocidal events beginning with colonial America and Native Indians up through current events in Somalia and the Sudan. Provides a page that describes the "Eight Stages of Genocide" explaining the use of "us" vs "them" propaganda and the indoctrinations of discrimination and ethnic/racial/religious cleansing.

Genocide And War Crimes - Never Again | The World's Most Wanted Man | FRONTLINE | PBS

Primary Source written by Samantha Powers describing response to genocide, most specially in the United States. May provide some valid point regarding the use of power and how it is seen throughout the world.

Primary Source written by Forbes contributing editor, Jim Powell that questions how a dictator rises to power in a democratic society. For the purpose of this article, the author studies the German dictator, Hitler.

Idi Amin - Facts & Summary -

Primary Source - Another background source for Dictators and the use of genocide to be used for purpose background info.

The Mind of a Dictator

Primary Source, by James Fallon, Phd. is an interesting article that attemtps to compare and delveinto the mind of a dictator with that of psychpaths.

The Psychology of Dictatorship

"The Psychology of Dictatorship" written by Georgetown professor Fathali M. Moghaddam, to be released April 2013.

How Dictators Keep Control

Secondary Source that provides more insight into dictators and how they rule and use power.

How Dictators Keep Control

Secondary Source that give more explanation and theories on the psychology between the dictator and the control he holds over those in which he terrorizes.