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Updated by Satyajit Sahu on Mar 22, 2021
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Rapid Prototyping Tools for App Design

When it comes to designing the mockups for iOS, deisgners have various choices. Every once in a while I get asked about it (I am not a designer). So thought of putting the list together for everyone's benefit.

Creately iPhone Mock-Ups

iPhone mockup toolkit complete with iPhone objects, iPhone mockup templates and easy to use drawing tools to draw iPhone mock-ups in minutes

Adobe Illustrator

Not for the faint of the art. AI is one of the few tools that one can take design from mockup to actual production level. Being vector art, its easy to keep the original files, and create assets of any reslution. Retina or otherwise. Steep learning curve.

OmniGraffle for Mac - The Omni Group

Mac only software. Omnigraffle is probably one of the best design tools out there for Mac. it comes with many basic stencils, and some stencils (some open-source ones too) you can download to design for mobile.
(By far most fav design tool of mine, for anything, from iOS, to web or simple idea prototyping).

Balsamiq Mockups | Balsamiq

Balsamiq studio brings a drag and drop simple mockup studio to Windows and Macs.

Free Image Editor & Animation Maker - PixTeller

Create posters, graphic images, animated videos, flyers, invitations, banners, logos, picture quotes with PixTeller image editor and animation maker tools for free.

Adobe Photoshop

Not really suited for iOS screenflow design, but it still is a favorite amongst many just because so many people are familiar with Photoshop anyways. As opposed to Illustrator, it doesn't offer vector arts, so its hard to create graphics assets for production.

Home - Pencil Project

Has a nice sketchy style for quickly mocking up iOS interfaces. Takes a little effort to get core iOS UI elements in there (using rectangles) but becomes quick and easy within no time.


Prototyping Tools for App Design

Prototyping Tools for App Design
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