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Updated by Jan Sullivan on Feb 18, 2017
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Great Jobs to do in Retirement

Here is a list of jobs I am doing in retirement, and jobs others can do. Please add points of your own.


Video Making

I'm making #videos in retirement. It's great #fun and #creative.

Finding new ways to make video and copying - This was inspired by Apple's "Don't Blink' Ad.

Text effects in Apple's iphone 7 ad with quotes from Charles Dickens. This is a free marketing video that you are welcome to use. It's general enough to appl...


Fisherman providing for his family

Fisherman providing for his family

#Fishing is a great thing to do in retirement, and saves on grocery shopping.


Following the Stock Market

Retirement savings should be managed to get the maximum return. If you like to follow the #stock market, and even do some #share trading, it can be a way to fill your days. Generally, it's best to go for well established companies that pay a good #dividend. Dividends are a buffer against the ups and downs of the stock market. It's often best not to get too involved in the daily ups and downs of the market, and take a long-term view. Remember that those who get caught up in the daily emotions of the market can lose money.


Make and sell crafts

Make and sell crafts

#crafts #markets #on-line sales
Your creations can be sold on sites like #etsy.


Affiliate Marketing

  1. Create some valuable content - maybe you can review some products.
  2. Become an #affiliate marketer for products you believe in.This involves a sign up, and getting a link that tracks sales back to you.
  3. Set up your links to the site where those products are sold. Amazon is probably the best known market place for affiliate marketing, but there are plenty of others.
  4. If your website visitors go on to buy, you receive commission. Here's an opportunity

Volunteering - Social capital is value.

Volunteering - Social capital is value.

Not all value is monetary. You'll can feel great contributing to your community and it's good to use the skills you have built up over the years.