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Updated by Marshall Ward on Jun 20, 2022
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How Does Creating Video Presentation can Get You a Big Deal

Here are some helpful articles why explainer video is now the trending thing in explaining a presentation.

5 Tips Explaining Why Pitching With a Video Can Win You The Deal!

"A video can do for you what you can't do yourself." Having a good presentation like a explainer video is best to represent your true intentions....

How to Create an Explainer Video In 5 Easy Steps

Creating an explainer video helps clearly share what your business does while holding your customers' attention & attracting more business.

Everything You Need To Know To Create Killer Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos have been known to increase conversions between 10-10,000% But Is Yours Any Good?

How to Create a Sweet Explainer Video on a Budget

Explainer videos are super effective when done right. If you do your homework, they don’t have to cost $5,000 — we did ours for $650. Use freelancers and manage your own project. When writing your script, focus heavily on the problem you are solving up front then talk about benefits not features! Do all this and keep it under 1:30 and your audience will be glued to the screen. Read the full article below for full details.

Why Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rates by 20%

Unbounce Conversion Optimizer Angus Lynch will teach you how overlays work and when you should use them. Plus, find out which offers to include based on buyer intent.

5 Easy Ways To Use Video To Improve Your Business

I started “producing” my own videos when I was 8 years old. From the time my sister and I were deemed old enough to hold the family camera without breaking it, we were hooked on the wonders of video. Back then, polished videos were still a luxury. I never would have guessed that consumer-level cameras would soon fit in my pocket, or that video would become such a powerful piece of my own business.

How to Design a Game Storyboard | eHow

How to Design a Game Storyboard. Game storyboarding is vital to the development stage of any modern-day gaming project. Even if you've got the game's plot perfectly mapped out in your head, it must be produced as a hardcopy storyboard to better communicate your ideas to the your development team, the U.S. Copyright Office and potential...

Explainer Video Production

On the website of Explainer Videoly, you may watch different types of videos that this company has made and get a clear idea of the services, this company offers.