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6 Things You Should Avoid Doing on Your First Date



First dates are special in so many ways. Generally, they are a great way to meet other people and see if there is something that connects you. But the expectations and desires can easily become major obstacles that make people make some funny mistakes. Overthinking this opportunity to get romantically involved with somebody also results in such mistakes.
In case you were wondering what the most common mistakes people make on first dates are, here is a detailed list.


Give Your Best not to be Late

As time is a very limited resource for all of us, punctuality has become one of the most important virtues a person can have. You should make it your priority, especially when you are about to meet someone in person for the first time. Even though being late just for a couple of minutes may seem trivial, people interpret it differently during a first date scenario. It might show that you are unable to manage something as simple as getting ready on time and that might raise other questions you really don’t want to answer on the first date.


It’s too Early to Talk About your Ex

It’s too Early to Talk About your Ex

It is hard to say when it’s the right time to talk about your past with your lover. On the other hand, it is quite clear that it shouldn’t be done on the first date. There are various reasons why you should avoid this subject, no matter how comfortable you feel.

The person you are on a date with might get the message that you are still not over it, that you are maybe bragging or that you are there to find a rebound. Also, people are under the impression that the past makes us who we are now, which is not entirely untrue, so you want to skip this subject in order to let your date get to know you from first-hand experience.


Don’t Over or Under Dress for it

What you decide to wear on your first date can send the wrong message to the other person. If you overdress, you will stand out and it might seem that you are self-absorbent and if you underdress it will send a message that you don’t care about what other person thinks about your looks. The best thing is to find out what people usually wear where you are going to meet. If the place is too classy, you know what to do.


Not Listening

Not Listening

The first date is a unique opportunity to find out many things about your date, and in order to do so you have to listen. There is nothing worse than ending up in a situation where you don’t know something that was mentioned minutes earlier. I mean, it can happen once especially if your date night is during weekdays, but make sure to not let it happen twice. Focus is very important, in fact, staying focused during the date is of utmost importance. In the case something like this happens, you should apologize honestly.


Talking About Your Big Marriage and Children Plans

Deep connection is something that will happen or it won’t. You don’t need to push for it. And it is guaranteed that it won’t happen if you emphasize your desire for marriage and children. The common response on that subject is the other person either being frightened or thinking that you are grasping at straws. There are millions of other subjects to talk about and picking the right ones can certainly help you see if your date possess the qualities of an ideal partner.


Staring at Your Smartphone

Staring at Your Smartphone

This is a new age thing, and no matter how casual or quite normal it might seem to you, it sends a powerful message that you are not interested and you want the date to be over. If you have an important call to make or message to respond to, apologize before doing so and try to keep it very short. Put your phone aside, focus on your date and forget about social media.

As you can see, you have probably done or experienced on your own skin one of these inconveniences during one of your first dates. Sometimes, the other side might find some of these things cute or funny, but it is better not to take any chances, especially if you worked hard to get her/him out on a date.

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