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4 Different Ways to Save Your Money with Credit Card Alerts

There are different types of alerts offered online by different issuers. You can choose the type of notifications that you want to receive from the credit card account settings. Let’s check out 4 different ways how credit card alerts can help you save some money.



Pay on time

Pay on time

To be on safer side, you should setup different alerts like payment due alert which will alert you the number of days you selected before the payment date so that you can keep your money ready on time to prevent late fee charges.

Secondly, you need to setup the payment received alert to get the confirmation that they received your payment on time. And the most important is payment past due alert which warns you about the minimum payout you forgot to pay on time.


Become a watchdog of your spending

Become a watchdog of your spending

You can also ask your issuer to notify you when you exceed certain amount of dollars which you set as your threshold amount. Daily or weekly alerts are also available as an option which will tell you about the balance and with these regular alerts, you can control your expenditures.

These alerts can be helpful in maintaining credit utilization ratio if you’re worried about your credit score. Credit utilization ratio represents the debt you carry vs credit extended by you. The rule of thumb is to keep your credit utilization rate under at least 30%.


Spot fraud immediately

Spot fraud immediately

Setting up your spending alerts at zero amount notifies you every time when a transaction is made and hence helps you monitor unauthorized payments.

You can also setup alerts for every payment made outside the U.S. or without card that is any kind of purchase done online or using a phone.

If you receive any alert of a transaction that you never made then immediately call the issuer and raise a dispute against the unidentified transaction in your account.


Protect your reward points

Protect your reward points

Remember a rule of thumb: Rewards are beneficial when you pay your outstanding amounts on time and don’t get looted by the interest or late fee charges on the amount you spent.

Also remember that you should sign up only for those alerts which you will definitely use because the more alerts you opt for, the more lightly you will take them and one day you may start treating them as spam which can drill down your important alerts.

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