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Apeiro Training Services

Apeiro Training Services offers nationally recognised courses for a wide range of industry sectors including Retail, Hospitality, Logistics, Business Services, Aged Care, Financial Service, etc.


Looking for a Career in Early Childhood? Contact Apeiro Training Services today

A career in early childhood education and care is exciting and gratifying as it provides great opportunity to shape and influence many lives.

However, before considering an occupation in this field, getting a Certificate III in early childhood education and care in Perth is a pre-requisite to meet education and training requirements.

Recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), this certificate covers all the aspects of the child development including physical, social and emotional development.

Qualifying for this certificate will enable you to work as a family day care worker, childcare worker, kindergarten assistant, nanny or Preschool Assistant.

Being an established training organisation in Perth, Apeiro Training Services offers a wide range of courses to suit your needs.

Our courses are run by the experts, who have more than 8 years of experience and are committed to take your leadership skills to the next level.

Perplexed About Investing in Aged-Care Career? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Every career has its own set of challenges and Aged Care is no exception.

When you are taking a career path in the aged care sector, you not only take on new responsibilities but your work creates a direct impact on the lives of vulnerable people.

Top 3 Courses That Can Help You Become A Certified Childcarer

Childcare is, without a doubt, one of the most flexible, rewarding and inspiring careers in the world.

It involves shaping the future of young children by fostering an environment that contributes in their physical, emotional and social development.

Apeiro- A Trusted Training Organisation for Aged Care Courses in Perth

Are you looking for a work as a personal care supervisor, community care worker or a care service employee at an aged care facility?

Getting the Certificate IV in Aged Care course in Perth helps you get the expertise to provide care for elderly people or the vulnerable individuals.

Aged care courses Perth cover different areas like developing networking skills and child care plans, assessing the needs of older people and working within a legal and ethical framework.

Qualifying for this course will allow you work as an Aged Care Carer, Care Team Leader, Community Care Worker, Personal Care Assistant, etc.

For more information on this course or for the enrolment, reach us at or call +61 8 6558 0340 or +61 4 2498 5742.

IELTS Writing- Are You Doing it the Right Way?

An IELTS writing test is conducted with a permissible time of 60 minutes. Besides, a student needs to attempt two writing tasks.

This includes different writing styles with no options to select the question topics. This becomes more challenging when the student is left with only an hour to go in hand.

PTE Tips - Speaking and Writing

Here is a snippet of our PTE Seminar. In this video, our tutors discuss some common mistakes that students make in the Speaking and Writing section.

How Certificate 3 in Child Care Enhance Your Career Prospects in Child Care?

Do you aspire to be a child care worker?

Did you know that a Certificate 3 in Child Care can provide you with many career opportunities?

A Child Care Certificate 3 Course is nationally recognised and meets Australian Qualification Framework standards. Applying for this course can help you get acquainted with child development and care including their health and safety, family and culture.

Apeiro is a registered training organisation offering flexible and cost effective courses in a range of fields like child care, aged care, home and community care, spoken and written English, hospitality.

IELTS Letter Writing – TIPS

You will be given a problem or a situation and you have to write a letter in response to it.

You must address all of the points raised and make sure that your ideas are organised in a logical way.

Attempt to use standard formula to save time for developing ideas.

You will loose bands if you total word count is less than 150 words.

To know the details, watch our for our next post.


Oral fluency and pronunciation are the two main parameters for speaking.

Oral fluency depends on unnatural pauses, hesitation, and repetitions.

To improve fluency, confidence is a must.

Familiarise yourself with all the tasks and have a structured approach ready for each task.

Pronunciation depends on your pitch, tone, and emphasis.

Do not try to read fast or change your accent.

Focus on clarity and put emphasis on the keywords.

Records yourself to keep track of your progress.

IELTS Letter Writing Marking Scheme

Letter writing has four parameters on the basic of which the final bands is given.

Each parameters has equal importance.

Parameters:- Task Achievements - word count
Example:- Band Score is 6

Parameters:- Lexical Resources - Vocabulary
Example:- Band Score is 6

Parameters:- Grammar
Example:- Band Score is 6

Parameters:- Coherence/Cohesion
Example:- Band Score is 6

Parameters:- Average Band
Example:- Band Score is 6

If Task Achievement – Word Count is less than 100 then band Loss penalty -3

If Task Achievement – Word Count 100-200 then band Loss penalty -2

If Task Achievement – Word Count 120-146 then band Loss penalty -1

If you write between 100-120 words, your scores for the Task Achievement will go down by 2 bands.

This will reduce your average band score to 5.5 instead of 6.
You can never write too much.

You don’t loose any bands for writing more than 150 words.

PTE – Essay Writing Tips

Writing an essay is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

At Apeiro We provide you with the bits and all you have to do is fit together the inside ones.

Everyday practice is important for getting good scores in writing.

Make a practice to write a minimum of three essay a day.

Type the essay in WordPad to avoid spell check.

Give yourself 2 min to recheck your work for spelling, as well as grammatical mistakes.

Struggling to get your desired score in PTE Speaking

Struggling to get your desired score in PTE Speaking?

ok so we're going to talk about the importance of speaking task in PTE Academics ok so Alex what do you think is the most important part of speaking?

I think the most important part is of course something we'll talk about later of course is confidence.

Being able to get your point across and say in a clear manner and I suppose that's what a lot of people struggle with is what is a clear manner.

So I suppose that would mean just being able to say it's not necessarily accent based because I think a lot of people think you have to sound like an Australian or sound like a Western person is not necessary.

You just have to be yourself but be able to say in a clear manner. that's ok yeah so what do you think student struggle most this is because of the accent or is it because of the pronunciation like what do you think is like they struggle with the most.

yeah it probably with the pronunciation because I think a lot of the students such as the one studying here have been in Australia for say two or three years.

so they've developed a certain method of speaking which to the speakers is understandable but as you know when it comes to a test sometimes those the mean the same things that can cause a little bit of grief because the test is more particular about using certain elements that perhaps they never learned or don't even realize they're not using it until they take an exam class in are corrected.

I think yeah that would probably related to some pronunciation aspects which of course gets into information as well. Yes speaking of information that was my next question.

I can't important is the rising and falling of the tunnel.. oooh... it's very important as you know that's a really hard one because some cultures.

They don't really have that even here in Australia as you know if you work in certain industries on Australian people don't really use it because when we're in a hurry we just give very short answer yes it is done so it's not a major factor but once again because this is an exam class they want to be able to hear and basically they're they're wanting to hear at least the three levels that we have which is high, the flat, the low i call the lalala .

so you should be able to have a And lot of students laugh but they can't do it so it's just a way of showing in a again a really good way of learning international that's a fun ways music .music is an excellent way and it doesn't necessarily have to be English just something that has that rising and falling tone i call it I spend single year in Australia there's water think of it is surfing we have to go up the waves comedown.

If you're in a place and water roller coaster and that's why I think a lot of people say what english sounds like singing to a certain extent it is perfect. i'm also want to talk about like the pronunciation like obviously everyone has different accents and they pronounce different words differently if it's an exam someone says tomorrow someone says tomato yeah like will they get the same that's much that's a really good question i guess the other thing release spelling as well such as in color - colour or “or” um.. the PTE is quite easy going in that they accept both American and British English and as we sort of said before.

You almost stopped because it's a can't hear you can't do that in the PTE test you have to get through that so I'd say exposing yourself to those kind of situations is an excellent means of doing it again maybe the clubs in the best things if you're there you're may be not study in it but just as an example of the kind of venue but any where outdoors but the main thing is you're communicating in English I can't stress enough how many people say oh I want to do but I asked them what they're doing outside of class and very little of it at home involves using English so I'd say because the class is short for two three four weeks used that time and try to make it 24 hours of english today and you'll get your objective a much much sooner i know people say but it'shard my partner the people i'm with no one uses English well you're not going to help you much in the future and pay your visit her there help you with immigration so if you tell them hey look I got a test please help me i'm sure they would so it's just be really honest with yourself yep we can help us within the class but how you take the information use it outside of class is almost twice as important as possible.

Thank you Rex for these insights hopefully that helped a lot of PTE students yeah yeah that'll be all okay thank you very much.

Significance of IELTS Essay and How to Write An Impressive One

IELTS, an abbreviation of International English Language Testing System, is one of the most popular tests that assess the language proficiency of non-native English speakers who want to study or work in countries like the USA, Australia or Canada.

Want to Step Into An Aged Care Career? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Over the last few years, there has been a significant growth of the aged care industry in Australia due to ageing population of baby boomers.

PTE Vs IELTS Infographic

The PTE Vs IELTS Infographic highlights the major differences between IELTS and PTE and helps you understand which test suits best to your needs.

When it comes to appearing to PTE exam, an English language proficiency test, it is of utmost importance for the candidate to manage time for covering every aspect of the exam. Hence, getting familiar with the pattern of the exam and preparation is must to achieve the targeted score.
We, at Apeiro Training Services, is one of the renowned training organisations offering customised PTE coaching in Perth and help you improve in all the four modules- speaking, writing, reading and listening.

We have the certified trainers with years of industry experience in offering PTE training. Apart from the latest and most updated course curriculum, we offer our students with regular feedback, performance assessment and personalised attention.

To get in touch with the our experts, or call: +61 8 6558 0340, +61 4 2498 5742.

Child Care Career- Scope, Benefits and the Common Challenges

Child care is one of the most rewarding careers in the world today, especially in Australia. Facilitating children in learning, growing & developing relationships with them along with their families provides a great boost. One of the most favourable factors of working in this field is the population growth.

Working in Aged Care Career : 2 Big Misconceptions Debunked!

Are you perplexed of making a career in Aged Care?

Get through the blog to put an end to all the misconceptions and start a rewarding journey in this field.

Advance your ADC dentistry career with APEIRO!

Sixteen-day practical exam preparation course and 2-day mock test of Australian Dental Council (ADC) are among main features of APEIRO. Both of them prove beneficial to overseas students seeking registration with ADC.

Beforehand, you have to appear for the exam whereby you are evaluated on basis of assessment and examination procedures. Every candidate has to meet specific language requirements so that he completes entire process—either as a general dentist, dental therapist or dental hygienist. If you want elaborate information on number of procedures detailing test registration and course tips regarding ADC, feel free to reach out to our expert counsellors today. Write to us on

PE registration: Kick-start your career with Professional Year in Perth!

Majority of our Partner’s clients benefitted with smiles returning on their faces after being granted with 5 migration points for their Permanent Residency to Australia. Among courses that helped them to be granted with Professional Year (PY) in Australia include IT (Information Technology) and Accounting.