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Ducted Vacuum System

Ducted Vacuum System Sales, supply and installing Volta Centravac Systems and servicing all brands of Ducted Vacuum system in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

What to do if Volta Ducted Vacuum system does not start!

I’m John Ellem from Ellem's Centravac. We are the national distributor of Volta Ducted Vacuums.

Just to clarify situation on the odd occasion you may find when you insert the cuff into the inlet and the machine doesn’t start, this could be caused by several factors:

• One will be that the two little terminals inside the inlet as you’ll see now, these two terminals need to be sitting proud.

• If one of them or both of them are not sitting proud, it means that some dirt or grime has been caught and they’re not popping up making contact to the metal ring on the cuff.

If this is the case, you need to clean the inlet and that will normally solve the problem.

If not please give us a call on (03) 9555 9411 .We will explain to you how we can resolve this problems yourselves.

Use of telescopic rods in central vacuum cleaner

I’m John Ellem from Ellem's Centravac. We are the national distributor of Volta Ducted Vacuums.

On several occasions we had people comment they felt that the telescopic rods, that we supply, with our kits is too short.

Now the simple explanation with that on the rod there is a button. If you press that button, you are then able to extend the rod and that now gives you a nice long ride which would be suitable for any size person.

You can have it anywhere along that length, that is full length, half length or very short if it suit for your best.

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Two in one Versatile Dusting Brush for Volta ducted vacuum systems

I’m John Ellem from Ellem's Centravac. We are the national distributor of the Volta Ducted Vacuum System.

Now in our hose kits we supply a combination 2 in 1 dusting brush. It’s a very versatile tool in that it has a horse hair bristle on one side and on the other side there is a couple of little wings that fold out.

With the systems, when you are vacuuming , you should use the wing side to clean stairs, cars and couches etc. By inserting the handle into that end you would then be using the bristle side for any dusting requirements
such as skirting boards, windows, shelving etc. So it’s brush is very versatile.

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Use of Combination Floor Head for Central Vacuum Cleaner

I’m John Ellem from Ellem's Centravac. We are the national distributor of the Volta Ducted Vacuum Systems.
In our hose kits, we supply this as our main Combination Floor Head.

It is suitable for your hard and soft floor surfaces. It's a genuine German made floor head and it can be used for all floor surfaces.

Just one little point with this particular floor head, when you are finished using it for the cleaning, always get the handle of the hose, with the vacuum sucking run the handle over the bristles this keeps the fluff etc from building up in the bristles and keep them working at full potential.

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Turbo Head – Best Cleaning Power tool for Your Ducted Vacuum System

I’m John Ellem from Ellem's Centravac. We are the national distributor of the Volta Ducted Vacuum Systems.
We supply or have available as an option is the turbo head or the beating brush for vacuuming up the pile of the carpet, picking up animal hair from carpets and rugs etc.

This is the fabulous tool to use with any one of our Volta ducted system as we have no bags and as the self cleaning filter enables our machines to work like new every time this will work like a power head. If you have a need for it is a great investment. If you don't have need for, naturally you don't need to purchase it.

Only one thing with this head, it comes with the instructions - every time you finish using it before you put it away, take yourself a pair of scissors and then run it along and cut the hair etc. off the roller brush.

By keeping the roller brush free of hair etc. this will prevent such materials from causing damage to the bearings and thus prolonging the life of the turbohead. If you've any questions, feel free to give us a call on (03) 9555 9411 or an email

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How to insert hose cuff into the inlet?

I’m John Ellem from Ellem's Centravac We are the national distributor of Volta Ducted Vacuums.

Just I would like to show you how about the insertion of the cuff of the hose, into the actual inlet. Open the flap up, the cuff goes in, and as you are pushing it in just give it a little twist towards the end thus taking it that little bit further in. This ensures good contact with the low voltage system.

To stop the vacuum system you may find that again a little twisting may assist with the cuffs removal from the inlet.
Now with the inlet, it is very important that you notice that there are two little terminals or contacts.

They need to be proud or sitting up so as to make good contact with the cuff one of them is not coming up its jammed in with some sort of grime or bit of dirt or something and that needs to be cleared.

• If one of them or both of them are not sitting proud, it means that some dirt or grime has been caught and they’re not popping up making contact to the metal ring on the cuff.

If this is the case, you need to clean the inlet and that will normally solve the problem.

If you are unsure of what to do give us a call (03) 9555 9411, We will explain to you what the process is.

How to Handle Your Volta Vacuum Cleaners with Care?

At Ellem’s Centravac, we take home cleaning utmost seriously. Therefore, we offer the best quality Volta Ducted Vacuum Systems for hi-tech clean-up of your entire home.

Volta Ducted vacuum systems are equipped with a performance-oriented motor unit.

For long lasting functionality, it is recommended to handle Volta vacuum systems and the ducted vacuum parts with respect.

Reading the instruction manual carefully and keeping the accessory parts out of reach of children is very essential. Similarly, vacuum systems should not be used outdoors or on damp surfaces.

Experience new hi-tech level of cleaning, call us to install a Volta ducted vacuum system today! Our phone number: 03 9555 9411.

How Central Vacuum System can be installed in New or Existing Home?

Installation of central vacuum system is surprisingly easy for new or existing homes.

However before commencing any installation steps, we recommend you watch this tape and read the installation booklet:

  1. Watch Tape
  2. Read Installations Booklet
  3. Check local building codes - Central vacuum system installation must conform to local Building regulation planning.

Planning the installation starts with determining the number of inlets required and their locations, much of this planning is predicated on the style of home, the power unit and accessory kit to be installed.

When choosing the inlets locations, the hose from the central vacuum system is an important measuring device. Select an interior wall (with in 1.2 meters of an electrical outlet may be beneficial long term) that will allow maximum cleaning coverage with the hose assembly, usually several rooms can be cleaned from a single inlets.

Either draw a floor plan as described in the installation booklet, If the scale is 1:100 a piece of string 11 c m long would be the hose from the selected inlet to determine the area that can be cleaned, remember the hose may have to reach around furniture when cleaning, ie an eleven metre hose would usually have a radius os 8 to 9 metres depending door positions as well as furnishings.

Keep in mind that the idea of a central vacuum system is to use the fewest number of inlets possible yet as many as necessary allowing for whole house coverage and user convenience.

When choosing the power unit location remember an electrical outlet must be close by, a 10 amp circuit is sufficient if no other heavy loads are on it. The power unit should be accessible for easy emptying and service. Its location should be outside the living area where ever possible. An attached garage is ideal.

You may want to vent the unit outside but it's not necessary. The last step in planning a central vacuum installation is to plan the entire piping system. Start at the proposed Furthest inlet and then work your way back to the motor location picking up the other inlets as you go. If at all possible it is better to run the piping under the floor if the house is suspended on stumps. With solid Brick and concrete houses the initial pipe run should be prelaid prior to the slab being poured.

When there's no under floor access run the pipe up to between the two floors or to the ceiling for a single storey , then up and down the wall cavities to the inlet locations. For existing structures pipe can run through the back corners of cupboards, under stairways, alongside plumbing pipe and if on stomps it could be best to mount the inlets on the floor in near the skirting board.

In homes under construction install pipes after framing and before the war lining is on. To avoid problems be sure plumbing and heating systems have been installed. Determine the location of electrical outlets, remember pipe using the straightest run with the least amount of bends and curves will result in the most effective and efficient cleaning system.

These are typically the tools needed for a central back installation. Refer to the installation booklet for a complete listing of tools and procedures. Now that you have your tools installation materials and have completed your planning.

Let's start the installation

To install inlets in an existing home, check the walls in which the inlet valves are to be installed, for possible obstructions between the studs when the house is upon a concrete slab or better still utilise cupboards to run the pipe down from the ceiling.

When the house is on stumps

cut a straight piece of coat hanger of wire at an angle and use it as a drill. Being careful not to snag carpet fibers drill a pilot hole through the floor directly below the proposed wall location or floor location leave the coat hanger in place. It will be your locator and guide point.

From beneath the floor, measure over from the pilot hole to locate the center of the wall soleplate. Now drill a 60 millimeter diameter hole through the center of the wall soleplate, check for inner wall obstructions with a flashlight or probe the inner wall with a section of tubing. For a floor mount simply ensure that there ius sufficient clearance for the vacuum pipe and inlet to connect.

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Why Should You Install Central Ducted Vacuum System?

Central vacuum systems are indeed revolutionary. They combine traditional mounted dust collection units with inlet points for centralised cleaning.

Installing a central vacuum cleaner at home ensures that dust, dirt and harmful allergens are removed from the living area completely and swiftly.

The key benefit of this system is the ease of use – you can clean your home without carrying the vacuum cleaner everywhere.


• Noiseless cleaning experience

• Effortless cleaning as no machine needs to be carried lugger around the home

• Powerful suction capacity of units

• Removes harmful allergens

• Lasts for a lifetime

• Adds value to your home

If you are looking for vacuum cleaners Melbourne, feel free to call us on 03 9555 9411.


Things to Know About Central Vacuum System

Things to Know About Central Vacuum System
How to buy the best central vacuum system for your home?

Ducted vacuum, also known as the central vacuum system, has always proved to be a great addition to any home.

It is more powerful, convenient and quieter than traditional vacuums. Besides, such systems can easily be installed in any new construction prior to plastering and even in most existing homes without the need to tear down or destroy any walls.

However, when it comes to purchasing vacuum systems, it is essential to determine the right size of unit along with the amount of piping and number of components. We, at Ellem's Centravac, are the national distributors for the reliable Volta Centravac Ducted Vacuums - since 1992.

We always check the proposed pipe run based on the construction and access, thus deliver you the most appropriate installation. To get in touch with our representatives, call us at (03) 9555 9411.

Which type of central vacuum motors is best for your vacuum systems?

The performance of a ducted vacuum system is largely determine by the power of its suction motor.

Factors like quality, source, number of fans are highly dependent on the motor capabilities. Hence, at Ellem's Centravac, we only supply Volta Centravac Ducted Vacuums as they offer up to four times the suction power of an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

Such systems are built using the latest technology named air watt or tangential bypass motor that ensures long life, reliability and low noise. Additionally, Volta offers a range of machines, accessories and hose kits to suit all applications.

So what are you waiting for? If you are considering replacing your vacuum system or want to buy a new one, call us today at (03) 9555 9411 to get a free quote.

Why Choose Vacuum Cleaners for your Home?

A central vacuum cleaner, also called built-in or ducted system, is installed in buildings and homes for cleaning purposes. It has a power unit, several inlets, and collection pipes. A powerful motor controls airflow to clean up dirt, dust, and debris. Volta Centravac Vacuum cleaners can collect tiny microscopic particles like pollen, dust mites, and mould spores.

Why Do You Need a Volta Ducted Vacuum Cleaner?

• For cleaner indoors a healthier living environment.
• Remove bad odors, dust, dirt, and debris
• Increases home value
• Less damage to furniture and walls
• Very User friendly and light weight

Choose the best vacuum cleaners from Ellem’s Centravac with all accessories and enjoy all the benefits. For a free quote, call us on 03 9555 9411.

How to Select the Right Ducted Vacuum Hose for your Vacuum System?

To select the appropriate ducted vacuum hose for your ducted vacuum system, you must know a few things. Ducted vacuum parts and hose have different models. Hose generally has a universal 32mm internal diameter, suitable for all models and makes of ducted vacuum systems.


• Standard ducted vacuum hose
• Standard Crushproof vacuum hose
• Power control ducted vacuum hose
• Retractable ducted vacuum hose

In addition, you can find different accessories for the ducted vacuum hose.

How to Choose?

Firstly you must choose the correct length hose in relation to the inlet locations, ensuring that the hose will reach to every corner of your home

• Select a hose according to your ducted vacuum system model and make, with Ellem’s we supply the quality crushproof hose.
• Check the wiring
• Ensure there is a convenient handle
• Ensure that there is a storage facility provided
• Decide whether or not to choose a hose sock

Need to change your ducted vacuum hose? Dial 03 9555 9411 for immediate assistance.