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Best Career Guide For Student

Best career guide for student to shape their career in right direction.


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Best interview tips that help to land a job

Interview is one of the most important phases when you are looking for a new job. Without getting success in interview, you are not able to get job that you want. So, it is essential for people to prepare the best answers of interview. It is not possible to prepare for all circumstance that you may face during the interview but there are some things to consider before the interview that may be really helpful for you.

Do you know how to crack the group discussion?

Nowadays, group discussion is the latest trend that has come up to know the learner personality. In the group discussion, participants of group are talk about on a subject or topic for a particular time and then evaluate accordingly. It is an excellent chance for you to be more speaking in front of many people.

How to make a creative resume to tell your story?

Nowadays, everyone wants a perfect job because they want to secure their carrier. There is no doubt that it is very challenging to find the better job and crack job interview. If you want perfect job then need to crack the job interview successfully. The first thing need to remember is writing an effective and creative resume that gives you the successful results.

How to choose the best job to shape career in right direction?

These days, it is not easy to get a perfect job according to your requirements. There are lots of things to consider that directs you in right direction. These things are hard work, proper planning, self-reflection, concentration and others that are very useful to shape your career in right direction.

Top 7 Career Tips For College Students

Career is the main aspect of everyone’s life. There is no doubt that a successful career can open the path to get the small and big pleasures of the life. There are many career tips for college students that are useful to find better job. However, better job requires lots of efforts and proper planning for successful career because it is not easy to make a successful career in just one step.

How to get a job with no experience?

There are lots of college students and others who have no experience but they want a job. There is no doubt that Job searching can be annoying without any work experience but hard work, targeted aim and self-assurance help to find a desirable job. There are some knowledgeable things that are very helpful to get a job especially when you don’t have experience.

How different types of resume help to get a job?

Every employer and candidate know that resumes are the best way to get a worthwhile job. There are 4 major types of resume 1. Functional Resume 2. Chronological Resume 3. Combination Resume 4. Targeted Resume.

Top 10 Job Search Apps To Find Jobs

There are many job search apps that are easy to use and find appropriate jobs without any hassle. You can easily contact companies for jobs and send resume through these apps. You have to install these job apps in your android, iOS phones during searching jobs and you are ready to use the features of the apps.

How to use social media to get a job?

Social media is the most excellent way to connect with each other. Nowadays, most of the people are getting the job with the help of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google plus.

Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid On Your CV

CV or resume is the main document that gives your overview to the employer. There are some very common mistakes of CV that generally candidates do but need to avoid.

What are the best job skills that employers want in an employee?

Skill is the brick of your career that helps in career building. There are many job-specific skills that are essential for an employee. These job skills are also known as employability skills. There is no doubt that having employability skills helps you to get a job.

Top seven things to do before leaving your job

If you are an employee and planning to leave a job then there are a number of things to perform before that but I picked top seven for you.

Proven career growth tips to shape bright career

Some students find a good job but not get desirable career growth. I have filtered some essential tips for you. These are helpful either you are on the path to start your career or are already employed.

Why do you need digital resume to find the best job?

In this fast moving and tech savvy world, increasing competition and decreasing job avenues are a part of the life. You should use digital resume for online application. It is a resume that is mostly prepared in digital format like doc and PDF format.